A Whole Lotta Love

I’d like to start this post with a thank you. To whom? To you! My last post set a record number in blog hits for two days straight, so thanks for all the love and appreciation. I sometimes forget that people read this, so it’s nice to know someone likes what I have to say. 

I love people. A lot. 

I love talking to people, I love getting to know them, I love making them smile and cracking jokes while they wait on their ‘scripts to be filled or before class starts. I just want them to be happy  (Why can’t we all be positive?). 

Sean prefers to describe me as awkward. 

Example: The other day, I was going into Brandt with Sean and Viv. I was lagging behind with my arms full with cookies for the engineers and my ratchet umbrella. A random guy at the door asked me if I needed any help, but being part superhero, I made it through myself. I thanked him for offering and gave him a cookie. 

My point was that he was trying to be nice so I was being nice in return. And really, who doesn’t enjoy a nice, homemade m&m cookie? I wasn’t trying to…no Sean I have no idea what you were thinking of. 

[Side Note: I have found that is a lot of fun making friends with boys. Maybe a little bit more fun than girls.  Maybe I’m enjoying the boys more because of my theory that boys are funnier than girls is true. Maybe I’m testosterone deprived.  I should probably stop spending my time thinking about this and actually doing my Italian homework. (Then I can go to Italy and meet my Italian husband!)]

I got this whole concept of trying to make other people’s days from my daddy. If you knew Gary Gerloff (and if you’re from Richmond circa 1970’s-present, I know you did), well, I don’t really have to go into more detail. He loved people with all of his heart, whether or not he knew you. He went out of his way to help other people because they needed it and he honestly cared for their overall goodness, often saying “some people don’t have it as good as we do” when in reality, we didn’t have it that well off. 

So Daddy, as you reign from your castle in the sky, I want you to know that you are my constant inspiration in life. I strive to keep up your same, amicable presence in the room and make everyone feel welcome. I am in your school, majoring in your-our subject, the one you blessed my life with over our lazy Saturday breakfasts together. 

So if I see you down Franklin Street, in the Honors Dorm elevator, or anywhere else, and I say hi, now you know why. If I don’t, feel free to say hi to me. I won’t mind. I might even give you a cookie. You never know, right?

(PS, feel free to send me your address. I’ll send you letters. Even if you’re not far away in Ohio like Christina. VCU friends are accepted! Even those of you living at home!)


What Saint Gertrude Didn’t Teach Me

I can whip out more forty minute timed writings than most people, pull together bake sell in a few hours, and am not afraid to speak my mind in any situation. But no matter how amazing my all girls Catholic high school was, it couldn’t teach me everything, despite all the incorporated feminine power lessons I’ve sat through during my tenure. 

1. Saint Gertrude does not teach you how to dress yourself. I mean, we all know how to put on a kilt and one ugly green blazer, but when you wear that day after day for four years (plus more if you were a Catholic middle/elementary schooler like myself) you don’t really know what’s appropriate for rainy days, hot days, breezy fall days (mind you this is all in the same week). I’m about ready to ask one of my new friends for help on how to wear real clothes. 

2. Saint Gertrude does not teach you how to act around boys. This sucks, but let me enlighten you for a second: I go to school with my ex, my senior year crush, and lots of other boys, cute and not. I say smile and remember that high school is over, just whatever. Be nice to everyone. Especially those engineers. They’re really cool. (Side note: Hannah and I have noticed that our constant go-to plan for boys is baking. We have turned into college sponsors. Well, minus the crafts. We are in the processing of writing a book about how Gerties get boys) And when it rains, carry an umbrella, no matter how ratchet you may think it is. There may be boys caught in the rain that need a little help. This is a good idea. 

3. For some reason, not everyone else had food parties in high school. So when you bring up the possibilities of snacking all the time in class with seven layer dip, hummus, three kinds of cookies, and a cake, people might give you weird looks. You, my dear, are not the weird one. The others have just been deprived of the good love that is lemon bars alongside their discussion of Metamorphosis

At the end of the day, I love Saint Gertrude, and I love VCU. I’m so ready to rock the academic aspect each day, but I’m still not sure how to live in the real world. I’m not sure if I’m cut out for this. Mehhh can I just skip college and go back to Saint Gertrude, but teaching? Those teachers are always having food parties in the faculty room and during class, plus it’s a majority female staff. I’d still have to wear real clothes, but at least I’d stay in one building all day. And I already know that it is always cold. 

VCU By the Numbers

I do that thing where I listen to a comedy CD so much that when I hear a key word it triggers the whole bit. Example: numbers. “I find numbers fascinating” Bo Burnham introduces Statistics “more particularly, I find statistics to be more enlightening, thought-provoking even”. I agree, and after a week(ish) I’d change it up and post some of my own figures. 

8 out of the past 10 days, I’ve been at VCU

I’ve found my way in Brandt Hall 7 out of those 8 days

I’ve only been in 2 other dorms, Honors and GRC 3.

Out of the 5 times I’d said go to the gym, and I’ve made 0 trips.  

2 out of the 3 trips to Walmart I’ve chauffeured the engineers to have ended up with TVs.

There is 1 dorm of 8 engineers that I’ve already spent tons of time with

I’ve met 1 other freshman history major

5 out of my 48 cups of free Starbucks have been used already

There is1 student bill that is less than $600 since I added a baby meal plan

I’ve gained 6 new black VCU t-shirts

I’ve wasted at least 3 hours picking out what to wear this week

54 people I’ve recognized from the Facebook page I’ve seen around campus

There are 5 good friends from Facebook I’ve hung out with

2 people said that recognized me

71% of the orientation crew still sees each other on the regular

0% of old coworkers (that are also freshies) have been seen around campus

20% of old coworkers (that are upperclassmen) have been seen and hugged

100% of all Gertie girls have been seen at least twice

VCU is filled with 100% more cute boys than Saint Gertrude

Yes yes yes (Or who needs boys when you have baking and Ellie Goulding?)

I was initially quite upset when I found out that the history undergrad advisor wasn’t going to be teaching my class this semester. Then I met my professor. 

Do you ever have those amazing moments when other people are on the same page as you and you’re like “omg no stop make these other people disappear so we can talk now”? He and I both are pushing for the greater importance of the humanities. Back off of the emphasis of STEM and business. No stop I don’t care how important that is, you’re going to need history to know how to run this country, how and why things worked before and to learn from mistakes. You need literature to question what you know and make you rethink how things connect. Art not only creates movements in time and questions what we know and think, but it freezes time. So please stop making fun of us history/english/art majors. We’re quite important. Those subjects build a culture. 

At the VCU student organization fair today, majority of the clubs I signed up for belong to those fields (baking club counts as an art, right?). I’m so excited to join the Young Democrats club,  this is just answered prayers or something. (Finally! I’m not one of five liberals!!)

Hannah and I hung out after words,  she and I came over and made nutella cookies and listened to Ellie Goulding. Solid Friday night. Even though the adjustment from all-girls to many cute boys is overwhelming for the both of us and we would like boyfriends, we still love our girl time together. I kinda feel bad that I don’t really see the new friends I made all the time, but I’m still getting used to this college/commuter lifestyle with a crazy lifestyle. But I’ll figure it out. We’ll all have our time together. Don’t worry my love bugs. 


Well, man, I started my first day of college classes today. As James would say, “what do you want, a cookie?”. It felt like my whole news feed was corrupted with “omg first day of college!!” posts, and yeah. Only one-third of the country has college degrees, according to Dr. Rao, so I should probably feel more excited, especially going into education and having dreams of reforming it. 

So yes yes let’s get to the hype. So I had that outfit picked out yesterday, remember? I woke up this morning and couldn’t find my shorts! For shizz. So I wore a dress (shocker #1) that was blue (shocker #2) with lots of bracelets and a bandana (shockers #4 and #5). You know what makes that all even better? The dress, over shirt, shoes, my new bra and underwear were all from Target 🙂

So I got to VCU an hour before my first class, went to the library and saw two friends before my Italian adventures began in 101. I’m so happy like I love my professor and I’m going to start speaking Italian YOU GUYS MY WANNA-BE ITALIAN DREAMS ARE COMING TRUE!! I’m going to speak the language! Next stop, I need to find an Italian man so at least my children will have Italian blood. Then we can go to Italy all the time and make authentic spaghetti and sorry I’m really excited but I should really save that for another post. 


I’m taking UNIV 112, the second semester of the writing class at VCU since I tested out of 111. This class reminds me of my two beautiful years in Mrs. Gallo’s classroom because we all have comfy chairs and the floor is carpeted, but I did notice some things: 1. There are cute boys here 2. There are commuters here. 3. The boys here are smart. 

I only had 45 minutes in between that class and my next, and I ran to the commons to meet my friend for lunch and felt awful that we didn’t even get to sit and eat since I was on the run. In fact, I had to leave my stir fry outside the class while we sat in Algebra II and my cranky pants weren’t just on, they were riding up. I hauled it outta that class faster than Usian Bolt and ate lunch by myself, but it was fine. I didn’t find the girl I was supposed to meet to buy her math book after that, which sucked, but we rescheduled. 

My first day of college end with time at work, and it was a lot my stressful than I’d imagine. But hey, there’s a learning curve, right? At least I had a map to boost my obvious freshie status