Guys this is really fun. After my first post I spent all night thinking about my next post. And now here it is! So I think I’ll tell you about my love of food. 

I don’t really know where it started exactly, but I’ll just blame my father. He was a big foodie who liked to eat a steak every ten days, and fully accompanied with mashed potatoes, green beans, and the good Italian bread. Now you can understand why I was a chubby little girl. 

I spent a lot of my time with him in kitchen, bringing him spices and measuring out water as he peppered the rue for his homemade gumbo, or peppered chicken for the chicken cacciatore. He showed me the good food in life, gave me a reason to be excited for dinner every night. During the summers, after our long days at the pool, we would come home to watch the news, marinate whatever meat he had bought on the way home, then  talk about baseball as I watched him grill. He never let me eat spaghetti, my favorite food, during the summer because it was a “winter time food”, and I secretly longed for the hot Italian sausage and sweet marina while I gobbled up the grilled zucchini and tomatoes stuffed with mozzarella. During the winter, aromas of homemade lentil soup and baked chicken engulfed the house while the two of us watched the history channel, drinking a cup of tea. 

After my daddy passed away four years ago, our meals have not been able to meet that standard. The spaghetti has remained the same, but I still long for the white wine chicken, stuffed with celery, carrots and onion, and my grilled vegetables doused in balsamic vinaigrette. I’ve naturally taken up food, but muffins and cookies have become more of my forte. I have a great recipe for red pepper and orange couscous, and have picked up some other things I know Daddy would love, like hummus. 

It’s really cathartic to purge your emotions in something you shared with your late loved one. I can perfectly picture him commenting on my food, getting excited about my new cupcakes or burger idea. Even though he’s not physically here with me, I know that his spirit will always be with me, in the kitchen and everywhere else. So Daddio, are you gonna help me with my blog? Because I can’t just post the same three muffin recipes again and again. You’re on board? Okay good. I don’t think I could do this without you. 

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