Get lost, go alone, and be happy

It’s been, like, what, three days since my last post? And I just want to post more. I love blogging. Okay enough silly talk. Real bloggery. I have some fun points I learned today. And I experimented with the italics buttons and such. ~So enjoy, little love doves~

1. If you’re like me, then you hate running but go on morning runs anyway because you love how you feel afterwords. You’re also probably very tired of your normal trek. I normally run around a lake in my neighborhood, but today I decided to go the opposite direction, and I made a bunch of turns with a “let’s see where this will take me” attitude. Twenty minutes after running down odd streets I have never seen in the sixteen years of living in this neighborhood, I found my way home. I enjoyed this it a lot more than normal, having no idea where I mind end up next or how I would get home. I later found out that it was more than double in length of my usual run- and I was not double tired! (Moral of the story- getting lost in your neighborhood is fun and a great workout- but only during broad daylight)

2. Do not take non-shoppers shopping. They will be unhappy and make you unhappy and their impatience will drive you kuku bananas then everyone’s moods are ruined. People like that, especially young teenage brothers, should have packages of clothes shipped to them or something every month. Then they won’t have to disrupt their video game schedule or their sister’s disposition while she’s looking at clothes. 

3. It’s okay be happy and social! My coworkers at the pharmacy always comment on my optimism and excitement while I’m trying to make people feel welcome. Plus today I got to talk to a cute boy and that was super awesome, especially when I found out that he went to another private school in Richmond and is an art major at JMU (side note: I am quite pleased that I am starting to act normal around boys after four years in a convent high school). 


“Now don’t you understand that I’m never changing who I am?” – Imagine Dragons

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