Ellie Goulding is always right.

You read that right. 

I started my morning off with a trip to my beloved Bon Air library where I picked up a copy of Ellie Goulding’s Halcyon, which was played on repeat for the rest of the day. Fine, just “Anything Could Happen” was on repeat. Stahhhp I love that song. 

So yes I went to VCU where I not met not one, not two, wait for it….FOUR of my lovely Gertie girls. Courtney and I decided to meet up and Sean and Summer tagged along. After I oh so casually ate my morning banana in Monroe Park,  we saw Alax and Jacqueline strolling back to their dorm after breakfast. 

After that, I chauffeured Sean and a couple of his suitemates to Wally world where they looked at tvs, then later met up with Prav, Camille, Brandon and Gertie girl 4….also known as Hannah boo and we visited Carytown and had a lot of fun talking to a worker in one of the thrift shops. The night finished off with free food at Casino night, being very excited blackjack winner (and making a huge fool of myself), and running into one of my old co-workers (Sweet Frog is unescapable). 

But, what does Ellie Goulding have to do with anything, you might say? Well as I listened to “Anything Could Happen” for the 15th time on the way home, I realized that yes, anything can happen. Here. At VCU. Isn’t that the motto or something? Make it real. They both convey the same idea of empowerment. There are thousands of options here that VCU can accommodate anyone’s dreams so that they can happen. And as long as you work hard for them, they will. You might have to compromise and sacrifice, but it will happen. If I have to live at home and work two jobs in the summer so I can afford college, then I will. I know what path I’m on, and I’m so happy that VCU is going to be here for me every step of the way to help make it real

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