More than havoc lives here

I went to the Humanities and Sciences mixer today, walked right up to the undergrad advisor, who I met at Open House and Preview Day, who warmly declared “I’ve seen you before”

“I’m your number one history student” I smiled back to him. I was always told that in college, you will have classes where you will never meet your professor. My largest class during senior year was twenty and even that was big, so I made a mental note that I would meet all of my professors. So I was rather touched that he remembered me and that I am an Ancient Civilizations kinda person.  A family friend of ours is the head of the history department as well and we had a great chat as well. I feel like I’m in a good place going into my major knowing two professors, even if neither of them will be teaching me just yet. (Yet)

We had convocation later that day and I sat up front with the honors kids, ya know, feeling pretty smart or something listening to a bunch of people make speeches. 

And then it happened. 

The first guy quoted Mean Girls in his speech.

I quoted Mean Girls in my speech to James’s class. 

I’m in the right place guys. My life. Just yes.

It’s more than just the hype at basketball games (uhmm side note…I think I walked past Shaka and his Rams today and everyone was normal so I had to keep my jumping up and down internal). It’s the little coincidences like that that make this place special. Like how it’s 33,000 students, but I still see my high school and middle school friends everywhere. How certain boys (NOTE THE PLURAL FORM) ended up here with me. 

Maybe I’m just feeling the bliss point from the sugary Sweet Frog I had, but VCU has some kinda magic in it. I’m in love with this school and everyday I can tell from the vibes that I’m in the perfect place. 


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