Well, man, I started my first day of college classes today. As James would say, “what do you want, a cookie?”. It felt like my whole news feed was corrupted with “omg first day of college!!” posts, and yeah. Only one-third of the country has college degrees, according to Dr. Rao, so I should probably feel more excited, especially going into education and having dreams of reforming it. 

So yes yes let’s get to the hype. So I had that outfit picked out yesterday, remember? I woke up this morning and couldn’t find my shorts! For shizz. So I wore a dress (shocker #1) that was blue (shocker #2) with lots of bracelets and a bandana (shockers #4 and #5). You know what makes that all even better? The dress, over shirt, shoes, my new bra and underwear were all from Target 🙂

So I got to VCU an hour before my first class, went to the library and saw two friends before my Italian adventures began in 101. I’m so happy like I love my professor and I’m going to start speaking Italian YOU GUYS MY WANNA-BE ITALIAN DREAMS ARE COMING TRUE!! I’m going to speak the language! Next stop, I need to find an Italian man so at least my children will have Italian blood. Then we can go to Italy all the time and make authentic spaghetti and sorry I’m really excited but I should really save that for another post. 


I’m taking UNIV 112, the second semester of the writing class at VCU since I tested out of 111. This class reminds me of my two beautiful years in Mrs. Gallo’s classroom because we all have comfy chairs and the floor is carpeted, but I did notice some things: 1. There are cute boys here 2. There are commuters here. 3. The boys here are smart. 

I only had 45 minutes in between that class and my next, and I ran to the commons to meet my friend for lunch and felt awful that we didn’t even get to sit and eat since I was on the run. In fact, I had to leave my stir fry outside the class while we sat in Algebra II and my cranky pants weren’t just on, they were riding up. I hauled it outta that class faster than Usian Bolt and ate lunch by myself, but it was fine. I didn’t find the girl I was supposed to meet to buy her math book after that, which sucked, but we rescheduled. 

My first day of college end with time at work, and it was a lot my stressful than I’d imagine. But hey, there’s a learning curve, right? At least I had a map to boost my obvious freshie status

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