Yes yes yes (Or who needs boys when you have baking and Ellie Goulding?)

I was initially quite upset when I found out that the history undergrad advisor wasn’t going to be teaching my class this semester. Then I met my professor. 

Do you ever have those amazing moments when other people are on the same page as you and you’re like “omg no stop make these other people disappear so we can talk now”? He and I both are pushing for the greater importance of the humanities. Back off of the emphasis of STEM and business. No stop I don’t care how important that is, you’re going to need history to know how to run this country, how and why things worked before and to learn from mistakes. You need literature to question what you know and make you rethink how things connect. Art not only creates movements in time and questions what we know and think, but it freezes time. So please stop making fun of us history/english/art majors. We’re quite important. Those subjects build a culture. 

At the VCU student organization fair today, majority of the clubs I signed up for belong to those fields (baking club counts as an art, right?). I’m so excited to join the Young Democrats club,  this is just answered prayers or something. (Finally! I’m not one of five liberals!!)

Hannah and I hung out after words,  she and I came over and made nutella cookies and listened to Ellie Goulding. Solid Friday night. Even though the adjustment from all-girls to many cute boys is overwhelming for the both of us and we would like boyfriends, we still love our girl time together. I kinda feel bad that I don’t really see the new friends I made all the time, but I’m still getting used to this college/commuter lifestyle with a crazy lifestyle. But I’ll figure it out. We’ll all have our time together. Don’t worry my love bugs. 

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