VCU By the Numbers

I do that thing where I listen to a comedy CD so much that when I hear a key word it triggers the whole bit. Example: numbers. “I find numbers fascinating” Bo Burnham introduces Statistics “more particularly, I find statistics to be more enlightening, thought-provoking even”. I agree, and after a week(ish) I’d change it up and post some of my own figures. 

8 out of the past 10 days, I’ve been at VCU

I’ve found my way in Brandt Hall 7 out of those 8 days

I’ve only been in 2 other dorms, Honors and GRC 3.

Out of the 5 times I’d said go to the gym, and I’ve made 0 trips.  

2 out of the 3 trips to Walmart I’ve chauffeured the engineers to have ended up with TVs.

There is 1 dorm of 8 engineers that I’ve already spent tons of time with

I’ve met 1 other freshman history major

5 out of my 48 cups of free Starbucks have been used already

There is1 student bill that is less than $600 since I added a baby meal plan

I’ve gained 6 new black VCU t-shirts

I’ve wasted at least 3 hours picking out what to wear this week

54 people I’ve recognized from the Facebook page I’ve seen around campus

There are 5 good friends from Facebook I’ve hung out with

2 people said that recognized me

71% of the orientation crew still sees each other on the regular

0% of old coworkers (that are also freshies) have been seen around campus

20% of old coworkers (that are upperclassmen) have been seen and hugged

100% of all Gertie girls have been seen at least twice

VCU is filled with 100% more cute boys than Saint Gertrude

Facebook likes are fun, but blog comments are better

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