What Saint Gertrude Didn’t Teach Me

I can whip out more forty minute timed writings than most people, pull together bake sell in a few hours, and am not afraid to speak my mind in any situation. But no matter how amazing my all girls Catholic high school was, it couldn’t teach me everything, despite all the incorporated feminine power lessons I’ve sat through during my tenure. 

1. Saint Gertrude does not teach you how to dress yourself. I mean, we all know how to put on a kilt and one ugly green blazer, but when you wear that day after day for four years (plus more if you were a Catholic middle/elementary schooler like myself) you don’t really know what’s appropriate for rainy days, hot days, breezy fall days (mind you this is all in the same week). I’m about ready to ask one of my new friends for help on how to wear real clothes. 

2. Saint Gertrude does not teach you how to act around boys. This sucks, but let me enlighten you for a second: I go to school with my ex, my senior year crush, and lots of other boys, cute and not. I say smile and remember that high school is over, just whatever. Be nice to everyone. Especially those engineers. They’re really cool. (Side note: Hannah and I have noticed that our constant go-to plan for boys is baking. We have turned into college sponsors. Well, minus the crafts. We are in the processing of writing a book about how Gerties get boys) And when it rains, carry an umbrella, no matter how ratchet you may think it is. There may be boys caught in the rain that need a little help. This is a good idea. 

3. For some reason, not everyone else had food parties in high school. So when you bring up the possibilities of snacking all the time in class with seven layer dip, hummus, three kinds of cookies, and a cake, people might give you weird looks. You, my dear, are not the weird one. The others have just been deprived of the good love that is lemon bars alongside their discussion of Metamorphosis

At the end of the day, I love Saint Gertrude, and I love VCU. I’m so ready to rock the academic aspect each day, but I’m still not sure how to live in the real world. I’m not sure if I’m cut out for this. Mehhh can I just skip college and go back to Saint Gertrude, but teaching? Those teachers are always having food parties in the faculty room and during class, plus it’s a majority female staff. I’d still have to wear real clothes, but at least I’d stay in one building all day. And I already know that it is always cold. 

2 thoughts on “What Saint Gertrude Didn’t Teach Me

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