A Whole Lotta Love

I’d like to start this post with a thank you. To whom? To you! My last post set a record number in blog hits for two days straight, so thanks for all the love and appreciation. I sometimes forget that people read this, so it’s nice to know someone likes what I have to say. 

I love people. A lot. 

I love talking to people, I love getting to know them, I love making them smile and cracking jokes while they wait on their ‘scripts to be filled or before class starts. I just want them to be happy  (Why can’t we all be positive?). 

Sean prefers to describe me as awkward. 

Example: The other day, I was going into Brandt with Sean and Viv. I was lagging behind with my arms full with cookies for the engineers and my ratchet umbrella. A random guy at the door asked me if I needed any help, but being part superhero, I made it through myself. I thanked him for offering and gave him a cookie. 

My point was that he was trying to be nice so I was being nice in return. And really, who doesn’t enjoy a nice, homemade m&m cookie? I wasn’t trying to…no Sean I have no idea what you were thinking of. 

[Side Note: I have found that is a lot of fun making friends with boys. Maybe a little bit more fun than girls.  Maybe I’m enjoying the boys more because of my theory that boys are funnier than girls is true. Maybe I’m testosterone deprived.  I should probably stop spending my time thinking about this and actually doing my Italian homework. (Then I can go to Italy and meet my Italian husband!)]

I got this whole concept of trying to make other people’s days from my daddy. If you knew Gary Gerloff (and if you’re from Richmond circa 1970’s-present, I know you did), well, I don’t really have to go into more detail. He loved people with all of his heart, whether or not he knew you. He went out of his way to help other people because they needed it and he honestly cared for their overall goodness, often saying “some people don’t have it as good as we do” when in reality, we didn’t have it that well off. 

So Daddy, as you reign from your castle in the sky, I want you to know that you are my constant inspiration in life. I strive to keep up your same, amicable presence in the room and make everyone feel welcome. I am in your school, majoring in your-our subject, the one you blessed my life with over our lazy Saturday breakfasts together. 

So if I see you down Franklin Street, in the Honors Dorm elevator, or anywhere else, and I say hi, now you know why. If I don’t, feel free to say hi to me. I won’t mind. I might even give you a cookie. You never know, right?

(PS, feel free to send me your address. I’ll send you letters. Even if you’re not far away in Ohio like Christina. VCU friends are accepted! Even those of you living at home!)

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