Oh, high school

It finally hit me. The giant comet that is green and white Catholic school plaid, distinctive of only Saint Gertrude. And I miss it so much. 

Last night Hannah, Sean, and I realized it was Sponsor’s Ball, and almost went to Benedictine to crash the ball. I perused the pictures on Facebook this morning and remembered how much fun I had last year. Dressing up, meeting your friends to take pictures with them (because dates and boys are stupid), and watching your other friends be presented in a wedding dress and waltz with their cookie who–I mean Sponsoring Officer. Ever since I found out about Sponsor’s and went to the ceremony and ball freshman year, I wanted to be one. I was upset when I wasn’t asked, but majority of my class felt the same so that made it better.






I miss my Lani boo. 


And mah girl Caroline. I’m glad VMI isn’t kicking your ass too badly. 

Sponsor’s was one of those things unique to Saint Gertrude and Benedictine, that I loved so much about it. I really hadn’t thought about Saint Gertrude recently, with college classes/people/boys/and work, but seeing those pictures really got to me (You all looked beautiful!). They really made me remember how much I loved being with my Silver and Blue babies. And all those fun senior year things we did. Song Contest, New York, prom, Figure, I can’t even. Do we really have to wait five years for a reunion? 


Baby come back. 



I miss having someone always picture ready. 



Only at Saint Gertrude is there a constant supply of wedding dresses on hand. Stop judging, public schoolers. 



My little diversity group! 

Okay, that’s enough pictures for one post. Before I go do anything but my homework, I have a little bit of advice for Red&White: senior year is going to be stressful. It’s also going to be fun. Find a balance. Go to all the events, and make sure you take tons of pictures like Maya did. Get a plan of how you’re going to do everything and manage your time. And if you do get overstressed, it’s okay to cry in the senior parking lot. We’ve all done it, and you’ll feel so much better afterwords. And never, ever, forget that your Gertie girls have your back. 




Liberal Catholics Unite!

Let’s begin this post with some family history. My mother grew up in a conservative family as well as during the liberalizing sixties and seventies. Like the little hippies they were/are, she and her siblings protested and found themselves liberal. My father, a big hippie from a conservative family, became a libertarian. His family is still very conservative. They never pressured my brother and me to feel one way or pour facts and figures of why a leader was good/bad. James and I made our own decisions, and we are both proudly liberal (woah I betcha couldn’t guess that).

Catholic school, however, if you didn’t know, is majority conservative. Eighth grade at St. Edward’s, I remember more support for my main man Obama, but that might have been because he was so new and hype (or maybe they were just really cool people). We cheered when he won. But then I came to Saint Gertrude and it was like death glares to anyone who would speak of the president in a good light (Paige didn’t mind, however). I met a few other liberals, and we clung to each other like the world depended on it. But most of those liberals were Protestant, and the number of other liberal Catholics was so much smaller, and they’re still hard to find here (maybe I should check out Catholic Campus Ministry). 

As the lazy liberals we are, we never go to church (Honestly, I can count the number of masses outside of school I’ve been to in the past few years on both hands). School taught me to always go to Church, and I tried to hide the fact that I didn’t attend weekly masses like my peers as a little kid. It wasn’t until I was older and understood why-we don’t agree with the Church on a number of platforms, gay rights, pro-choice, etc. The traditionalism of the Church didn’t feel right to us, but we do good deeds, love everyone, while believing in and praising Jesus Christ in our lives. 

Enter Pope Francis (add a holy “ahhhh” from a choir). In case you didn’t know about Catholic’s newest sweetheart, he chooses to not live in the papal suite, follows the simple life, and preaches about an inclusive Church, open to us all. He’s a living reminder of St. Francis of Assisi, who I have a special affection for since he was a friend of St. Clare and I did my saint report on her in first grade. 

So, have you heard what he said? About gay rights, abortion, and contraceptives? The Church is too obsessed and if they don’t lay off, things will tumble “like a house of cards”. 

 This man is going to bring us to the twenty-first century. Finally, a pope on the left side! May I add that the Church teaches that the pope is infallible? That means, because he holds such a divine position, he cannot make any mistakes. (What about past popes who said otherwise?)

I’m so excited to see what else this humble man has to offer. He and I think similarly, so I’m excited that someone else Catholic agrees with me. We may never find out why Pope Benedict left the papacy, but I believe that things happen for a reason, and now we have Francis. I’ve heard that many Catholics thought the Church was out of touch with society, and Francis will bring it back. Now, if you excuse me, I’m going to go sit at my mailbox and wait for the next Catholic Virginian to see what that typically conservative newsletter has to say about my new best friend. 

“If a person is gay and seeks the Lord and is of good will, who I am to judge him?” – Pope Francis

To Infinity and Beyond

I know a lot of kids who are undeclared at college, kids who know their major but not sure what to do with it yet, and those who have their major and job type picked out. Then you have me. 

I am a history major, art history minor, and (fingers crossed) Mediterranean studies minor as well. My junior year, I will apply for the five year teacher’s prep program where I will graduate with my master’s in teaching. I met with my advisor today and she said that I pretty much can do all of that but I can never ever take an elective (what will I ever do without a judo class in my life?) . Plus with some summer classes at John Tyler I could save myself some credits/money and quite possibly–if the stars align just right–I could make my way over to Perugia, Italia for a month to immerse myself in that beautiful language while getting credits. This is VCU, and anything can happen, right? (Wait that’s Ellie Goulding…whatever she’s like an honorary Ram). I can do this. I’ll be taking classes in what I love so that later down the road I can spread this love as a teacher. 

AHH I just can’t even tell you how excited I am to teach. Teaching is only the starting point though, I have many ways I want to branch out after that. One is being the next Mrs. Rives and being the head of the history department at Saint Gertrude. Another is finding my way into Board of Education at some level and let them know how STEM is cool and all but we need more humanities and arts in our society. Those are what actually build a culture, hey, we all can’t be engineers! What happened to those days when philosophy, literature, and liberal arts was seen as prestigious? Now we laugh at people who major in these kinds of things, when they should be admired for following their hearts. Good for you, doing something because you love it!


After that, I can see myself as a librarian. 


Katy Perry and I have the same lives. Okay no not really but we’ve been mirroring each other for a couple years now. Let me explain before you start thinking that I dress up in candy and blue wigs. 

So let’s start to summer 2011, when Jenna and I went to the Teenage Dream concert. I kinda hate saying it, but that was one of the best concerts I’ve gone to because Katy had put a story to the show and her music. Anyhoo, I love the peppiness of that album and all of those love songs (written about Russell Brand) just made me sooo happy since I was dating that boy at the time so I was getting that “Hummingbird Heartbeat”, living the “Teenage Dream”. 

I had heard rumors of Katy and Russell’s break-up for a while, and was so shocked when I found out it was real–they were my favorite celebrity couple! Two adorable artists, I definitely felt some kinda connection to my favorite pop singer (lesbihonest here, she’s the only pop star I like). Then the boyfriend became my ex. Katy and I both bawled to “The One Who Got Away” and I think we both felt lost. So she went a little cuckoo bananas and I tried to stay somewhat sane and turned into an anti-social workaholic. That’s when “Part of Me” was released. This is the part of me that you’re never ever gonna take away from me Katy and I had that HEY LOOK IM DOING SOMETHING AWESOME LOOK AT ME EX IM SO TOTALLY OVER YOU WHY ARENT YOU LOOKING AT ME? attitude. I doubt Katy gained anything from that, I sure as hell didn’t. 

I think senior year of high school I came to realize that I’m an independent woman who don’t need no man (plus where was I going to find boys in an all girls school?), so I just kept at it, but I was more social. I was only going to do senior year once, so I better have an awesome time. I don’t know what happened to Katy then. 

But that brings us to today. I still got that independent woman life, but holy ishh these VCU boys. )Take my cookies and accept my love forever.) Nevertheless, Katy has grown into that awesome independent woman too (boys are stupid) and “Roar” really sums up my life now. Hey, I work, go to school, kinda have a social life, and still find time to bake and blog (the important things in life). I am a balancing act, a force to be messed with, and I’m hella proud of myself. You’re going to hear me ROAR (Is blogging equivalent to roaring?)