Cleanliness is next to Godliness

Catharsis-(n) a purge of strong, repressed emotions (Note: Thanks Ms. Benere and Mrs. Gallo for drilling that definition in my mind!)

My room went through a catharsis this afternoon (Of trash and recyclables, not emotions). I was just sitting on my chair, doing my online Italian homework, when I thought that, maybe, I might be more comfortable sitting in my desk. Which, was kinda meant for laptops and homework. Well, I am an artist (at least I like to think so) and I have a messy artist personality, hence, my room looks more of a trash heap than the average 18 year old’s room (because most 18 year olds are living in dorms so their rooms are pristine). 

So, I cleaned off my desk and found room to place my books and laptop, and used on those freebie plastic cups from Welcome Week to put pens in (it looks like a real desk now!). But, wait, Claire, their is way too much crap on the floor, and it took such little time with your desk, why stop there? While you’re at it, why not clean out the drawers? How about the floor and underneath your bed? Maybe you should start a bag of stuff to donate to Goodwill. And hey, the bottom of your closet is looking a little rough, why not reorganize your shoe collection (putting those brand new wedges in front, of course) and vacuum it out?

Three hours later, I finally sat down at my clean desk, plugged in my lava lamp and finally completed My Italian Lab (thanks again Hannah for the help!). This cleaning reign only happens once, maybe twice a year, and half the time I give up in the middle and my room looks more divided than Berlin with its wall up. I am quite proud of myself for making it through til the end, thanks to a little bit of Led Zeppelin powering me through.  

My power surge helped my get through UNIV 112 paper, which had dealt with the unusual case of writer’s block, and then I spent the rest of my day on Amazon. Have you seen the decals they have for MacBooks? I can get a VW van or a lightbulb or a camera-and don’t ask about the case for my Mac. I still can’t decide what color (I’m thinking purple but tomorrow it will probably be red). Note to self: never go on Amazon again. 

Okay, the Roast of James Franco is coming on soon so I’m going to go bake some banana carrot pineapple bread and watch that. I spose I should give you the recipe, since this is part food blog? Well anyway, send me your college addresses so I can send you letters and baked goods and some of those embarrassing notes from middle school/early high school we used to write. 

peace, love, and banana bread~* 

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