Calling All You Angels

I believe in angels. Not because my religion tells me to, but because I know they do. God gave us two types of angels, and I’ve had some great experiences with both. 

The first kind He sent us are the traditional angels, those in heaven. I know that my daddy has been protecting me, saving me from deep trouble (like that car accident I had two years ago- I swear if Gary wasn’t watching over me I probably wouldn’t be blogging now). He even appears in our dreams (now that’s very biblical-angels coming to you in dreams with help). Thanks Daddy for still always being there for me and helping us through every step of the way, even if you aren’t with us here physically we know that you are spiritually. And of course, thank you to Granddaddy, my other angel, and my uncle Peter, my original angel, who’s love is always felt. 

In Catholic elementary school, we taught about the other kind of angel, those angels of us on earth. We ever often taught that angels on Earth would appear for moments at a time to perform a miracle, then disappear back to the heavens, but not all angels are like that. The angels on earth (also known as kind souls) perform many more miracles here, but people don’t always notice them as so. Like the people who sent me exuberant graduation gifts? I don’t need or deserve such grandeur, but they insist on it, wanting to help me out. I can’t thank you guys enough for aiding me with college, it’s like every where I turn they’re asking me for more money. So a little shout-out to everyone who did anything, even just a congratulations-  each of you beautiful souls are all appreciated. (Clare, my mother and I decided that you are my fairy godmother now) (And to my whole family for always being there when I needed them most, with any kinda support- you guys are so great!)

And the thousands of people who offer scholarships? Each one of you are angels for doing so every year. Some students, like myself, couldn’t attend college without these scholarships and I am so lucky to have received three. Now I can get to go to an amazing school and work towards my debt-free goal. (To any and all high school seniors out there- apply for every little scholarship you find. I spent my senior year filling out thousands, got a couple of “how did you hear about us letters”, but it was so worth it to get something).  The point is, Earth Angels are the people who are devoting their time and effort for the greater cause, not self-gain. This is why Earth Angels commonly become Heaven Angels. 

But the thing is, angels aren’t going to pop out of the blue and save you from a spider. You gotta work and show that you’re serious about everything. Angels answer calls, they don’t read minds. I’ve been touched my fair share, I’m sure you have too, just keep your head up. It’s all that positive energy that I’m always talking about!  Help others, be an angel for them, and karma will come back and another angel will help you. 


I need a sign to let me know you’re here
All of these lines are being crossed over the atmosphere
I need to know that things are gonna look up



One thought on “Calling All You Angels

  1. I think that “Fairy Godmother” may just be the dearest thing I’ve ever had the honor to be called! I love you, Claire, and I think your blog is truly wonderful! You make me so proud! Xo

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