A Week of Firsts

I really should be studying for my 9 am Italian quiz, but I just studied with Sean for like an hour. Okay he made fun of my accent while I tried to study. Blogging is so much better though. So here we go!

1. Tuesday was James’ first day of high school, more importantly, first day of public school. HE SURVIVED EVERYBODY!!! I think that he even likes it. He rode the bus for the first time (which leaves before anyone else wakes up) that has only 9 IB kids on it. He’s making friends too!! He choose music over art, and got his sax today. At least it wasn’t the tuba. 

2. Wednesday was my first trip to Cary Street Gym. WHY I HAVE NEVER BEEN THERE BEFORE?! That place is the bomb diggity and I could finally get back into that workout groove. I can quickly tell that this place is going to be another second home. Plus it’s a great that the Sweet Frog is next door. (Psst Joana I can’t wait for our yoga classes!)

3. Every day this week, I put on one outfit in the morning. I didn’t change, even once. This is actually very momentous. My gertie girls understand me. 

4. Friday was my first Young Democrats meeting. Even though I had to leave early to go to work, it was awesome to at least be able to sit around with other people who feel your pain of being the 2% of the liberal minds in a school. (I’m a Democrat and I’m proud!)

5. Saturday night my friend Alison let me sleepover in her dorm! We got dressed up and went to The Village with some of the other Honors kids and then we played Mafia. It was awesome, especially since the Honors kids have their own rooms, and I got to see some of my other friends in that dorm that I don’t normally see. It was like a trial run of dorm life!

7. And tomorrow is my first quiz, in a language that I do not speak. Keep me in your prayers tonight so that I do not write “Esmeralda” (my Spanish name from high school) where mi noma goes, and that I do not mix up “Come stai?” with “Como esta?”. Who ever said my five years of Spanish would help with Italian wanted to watch me mess up. 

Okay I should probably go to bed…or maybe run through my Index cards one more time. Crap, there goes the sax…I’ll be up for a while.

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