I just had the biggest epiphany.

My mind was so blown.

I just can’t even.

You guys. 


I can finally wear my ripped jeans to school. 

I couldn’t wear them at Sweet Frog, and do you really think Catholic school was going to let me get away with rips in my jeans? My ripped boyfriend jeans are honestly the best things in the world- so comfy, so cozy. Loose fitting, yet tight enough that they give your body shape. With that casual vibe, you can amp up that hippie mood with sandals and loose tanks/long necklaces and  wrap around headbands, or you can rock wedges with them (idk I actually haven’t tried that I just really love ripped jeans). (See Caroline I wear pants!!)

However, I really hate the person who came up with that idea. Let’s rip our jeans and look really cool but no one can ever wear them at school or work! They messed with my mind, made me buy those pants and I could almost never wear them. Until now. 

Real clothes are kinda fun. It’s like everyday is a tag day but I’m not giving someone two dollars when I walk in the building. Plus now no one is yelling at me for “short” skirts. (Did you know I can wear ripped jeans now too?) I’m not changing twenty times in the morning anymore, and I’m playing the game  of “let’s see how long we can go before Claire repeats an outfit” (Not that it matters, but I wanna see). So far I’m winning (even beating some teachers!)

Okay, I let that uniform flag fly high enough. Maybe I should go to sleep now. Or do my homework. Peace out. 

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