You Can Keep Your Sweater Weather

Last weekend was like a time travel vortex. Walking outside, you would be greeted with sunshine, ninety degree temperature, girls in short shorts, and orange and yellow leaves on the ground. Richmond weather is normally freaky like this, pretending to be summer while the calendar reads October, so it didn’t really bother me (honestly, I loved pulling my sandals out again, stretching summer just one more day). 

Then we had Monday. That was a flip in the weather from the warm happiness that is all that is good in the world to the dreary, cold, rainy fall. Facebook was filled with excited posts over “omg finally sweater weather!!” and melancholy overfilled me when I realized that nature had finally won and I am officially stuck in my boots and long pants until March, maybe. 

I mean, I do enjoy my boots and all of my nice sweater (intentional), but come on. How do people look out the window to the blustery winds out of a Winnie the Pooh cartoon and say “Wow, this is fantastic!” Fall doesn’t have a plethora of fresh berries to pick for yourselves, or heat that makes the river oh so enjoyable. It’s just a hard trip to closet to grab those extra thick blankets you stored away last spring when sunshine rediscovered Virginia. It’s also a huge reminder of the upcoming, cold winter (Even Dante wrote that hell was freezing- since it was so far away from the warmth of God’s love). 

Maybe I shouldn’t be so harsh on fall. I am an autumn baby (birthday baking), and it does have holidays (holiday baking) and apples and pumpkins (seasonal baking). “Sweater Weather” is a good song. The colors are nice, and so are scarves, it’s just not for me. So, while you go dance in the leaves or whatever you people who enjoy cold weather do, I will be sitting in my room, listening to Sublime and the Dirty Heads, wearing bright colors and pretending that it’s summer. 

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