Catholic Guilty Pleasure

I had a theology teacher or two somewhere along the way who told me that post-Catholic school, people are going to make fun of our religion. Nope. Not at all, that has actually never happened. Maybe if JFK was being elected and everyone thought America was going to become a papal state or this is 300 AD Rome and Nero is killing all the Christians, but actually no one cares what your religion is. Maybe it’s because I go to VCU and everything is accepted. (Earlier this week I saw some guy hanging around in a ninja suit, and someone dressed up as Waldo running around the commons. If that is the norm, I think Catholicism should go over well.)

History Now! went on our tour of the Cathedral Wednesday with Catholics and non-Catholics alike, and everyone was genuinely interested by this beautiful building). Although it was a repeat of the tour I went on in fifth grade, I enjoyed it and learned/relearned a lot. This might surprise you, but I have a soft spot for church history. I love love love it, probably because how closely it ties in with all of the history I like, from Constantine to my favored French and English monarchs (those medieval popes)! And the church architecture is just art history on high dose steroids so I’m one happy camper. Even the bible interests me, but more as a literary work. Symbols and archetypes–and reading Poisonwood Bible in high school, which is nothing but biblical allusions made me so happy. 

But something I heard on the tour surprised me- Catholics are a minority here. I guess when you’re surrounded by nothing but, you don’t really think much of other religions, but it seems like everywhere you turn in Richmond there’s a Catholic church. It’s funny how when you’re on the inside of something, you don’t really seem to notice the outside until you’re there. And going from Catholic school to real people school, I haven’t really missed the daily prayers and theology lessons, yet I have considered switching my Mediterranean studies minor to a Catholic or religious studies minor. 

You guys know I’m so far from being a good Catholic, but I do what I can in my own way (I am an individual/VCU hipster). Maybe I don’t go to church when I should, but I could beat you in Catholic saints trivia (I need better ways to spend my Friday nights). We all gotta accept everyone for who they are and how they come, right? I’m pretty sure that’s a Catholic doctrine. 

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