Everything in Moderation

I can clearly remember the first time I heard this phrase. I was about eleven or twelve, during one of the couple of summers I joined the dive team. It was after a meet, and Daddy and I decided to go out to Maldini’s for dinner. 

“Claire, I’ve learned in life that you can enjoy anything you want, as long as you take in moderation.” He said in between sips of wine then asked the server for the dessert menu. 

So maybe taking everything in moderation wasn’t the trademark of my father, who lived more like an Imperial Roman or civilized Greek, all about enjoying life’s goodness all the time, but’s it’s something that I really try to follow. 

Like in college. This picture is apparently supposed to describe the breakdown of your average college student’s life:

But, you know me (or maybe you don’t, and you’re just reading this for giggles), but I’m part superhero and the challenge is very accepted. Did you notice that working isn’t on this triangle? Well, I can do that too! Like let me tell you about my fall break: I worked everyday, did my homework, saw my friends three of the four days, and went to the Capital Cities/Fitz and the Tantrums concert Sunday before showing up to my 9 am Monday morning. Okay maybe me sleep schedule got hit a little bit, but how often do I bake bad, visit Saint Gertrude, and go to concerts? Exactly. There’s moderation, have fun but don’t overfill your schedule all the time. And do you want to know how I know got to do all this? A little skill I learned from Saint Gertrude--time management.  (All roads lead back to Gertie’s, don’t they?) And so maybe I don’t always get to hit up the latest VCU fundraiser (btw buy donuts from History Now! and come to our bake sale on 10/30) or get lunch with my friends, but I’m trying as hard as a can. Prioritizing is important. School=real people job in five years=large tuition bill=scholarships=good grades. But don’t lose your friends. Then you will end up all alone. 

Where was I going with this? Oh yeah, everything in moderation. I just left my Italian class, where the professor talked about colazione, or breakfast, which is nothing but dolci e caffè, and all I can think of is the many beautiful pastries she showed us. But I’m not going to go track one down, despite what my brain is telling me, because I already had my coffee and yogurt for breakfast. 

So yes, turn your lights off when you leave a room, eat your veggies, and do your homework. Cake is okay, just not everyday, and people are good in your free time. Alright I’m going to go to class now and hopefully get my mind off of those Italian pastries. Actually, let me get them on your mind, and show you this Italian food blog Janey sent me: 




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