Identity Crisis

I don’t have an identity problem, it might be other people who have the problem. Actually, it’s not really that bothersome so does it constitute as a problem? Would you like to know what all this rambling is about?

I get asked a lot if I’m an art student (no thanks a heap for reminding me let me go cry in the corner about my dead art school dreams). Art is my life, hence the art history minor, but there are so many amazingly talented art students who work at Michael’s because they can’t get real jobs which is awful and I ain’t about that life.  Plus, I barely have time for real school, I don’t want to know how insane my life would be as an VCUarts student. But, I will take your assumption as an art student as a compliment because art students are really cute, quirky people who dress nice. (Art students also tend to be hipsters and a few people called me that in high school. Then I started going to VCU with real hipsters and no one’s called me that since.)

While working one day, one of the pharmacists approached me, “I heard a nasty rumor about you, that you’re a vegan”

“Uhm no, well, there’s nothing wrong with being vegan and no I do eat meat”. A lot of people, especially at the pharmacy, assume I’m vegan/vegetarian. Maybe it coincides with my art student/hipster aura or whatever, or maybe it’s the fact that I order vegetarian dishes a lot when I eat out. I really admire vegans for such a commitment and go you vegetarian, you go~ Making such a life choice is something that I’ll always kinda consider but never have the heart to go fully after. I do love animals a lot, but damn Burger Bach cooks up a great lamb burger (excuse me while I go cry about that delicious, slaughtered, baby lamb). However, you will catch me more frequently ordering a vegetarian dishes because 1. I freaking love vegetables 2. Half of your meal should be vegetables 3. Because of that, all I eat is vegetables and fruit so I’m getting a little worried that I don’t eat enough starches and meat

Also, people think I’m a hippie. AKA Sean. Well he hasn’t said anything to me lately about it. I I just really love hippie culture and the Grateful Dead (did you notice I totally stole my blog title from “Eyes of the World”?) and long skirts with peace signs and that fun stuff. One of my coworkers said that another coworker called me a hippie. I don’t mind but WHO IS THIS COWORKER THAT IS SAYING THESE THINGS ABOUT ME?!?!

Point of the matter is that there is nothing wrong with art students, vegans, hippies, or whatever anyone is calling you.  They are nice people. Be proud of who you, in fact, flaunt it. And if you’re not whatever, don’t let it bother you. Correct someone, laugh it off, whatever your mechanism is. BE WHO YOU ARE AND BE PROUD OF IT. 

Okay this post is getting too inspirational. This is getting weird and I don’t like. I’ll just leave before I turn into every other lame wannabe blog. 


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