Cast That Ballot!

I think I’m more excited about voting than I am for my birthday. *laughter* Okay not that’s not actually possible. Next Tuesday I’ll be going to the polls for the first time with my voter registration card and me Claire will be utilizing my rights as an American citizen (Are you proud of me Mrs. Carrig?!)

Last fall, during that heated presidential debate, I was utterly disappointed and angry that my mid-November birthday meant that I would be missing partaking in Election Day by two weeks, thus waiting another year to vote. I was still pleased with the outcomes, so that’s okay. I have this year at least!


Aw look I’m so nice to me that I sent myself a card in the mail to make sure I don’t forget to vote for Terry McAuliffe! Random guys at VCU have been passing out the voter registrations and reminder cards like that one since Welcome Week, which was nice/convenient but also really annoying at the same time when you’re trying to get to class but ever other person wants to yell at you to do something you did three weeks ago. I did notice that all of these voter mobilizers were Democrats. (Just saying.)

I could sit here and tell you why I’m liberal and voting for Terry but he didn’t sponsor my website, so I figure you are who you are and I’m VCU and will respect that. (Shout out VCU and my many fellow democrats!) But I do want to encourage you to vote. If you’re doing that absentee vote then I don’t really know how to help you out with that but anyone else living at home PLEASE VOTE. At the last Young Democrat’s meeting I attended, one of the women running for delegates mentioned that people will vote for president and be like “hey I got my guy in power, hip hip hooray no worries everything I want will happen”. That’s awesome and all, but then they don’t vote for governor, delegates, the local people who’re more influential, and then they get their cranky pants on when things they don’t like happen (i.e. transvaginal ultrasounds). Also, those poor starving children in Africa don’t get to vote and it’s shame if you don’t utilize your constitutional right they don’t have.

So I don’t care who you for vote for next Tuesday, (Okay maybe a little interested) but as long as you vote ROCK ON! Hey, vote for Sarvis if you want! He seems like a cool cat. Go for Terry if you love birth control and abortions, gay people and free healthcare!! Or vote for Cuccinelli if you’re about that life.

Sorry guys. It’s hard trying to be not biased. Next time I’ll try to be more objective and talk about something boring like science or whatever. (Also, McAuliffe is a fellow liberal Catholic so excuse me as I go prance around in happiness that there’s more of us in this world). Moral of the story: voting helps you help yourself. You pick your government. Imagine what would happen if the English got to pick their ruler and didn’t end up with Henry VIII and the Anglican Reformation never took place? Exactly. The whole world would be screwed up and we’d have no Episcopalians, nor great story to tell about Henry’s six wives. And his daughter Elizabeth I’s son wouldn’t end up as King James who sent the English to Jamestown, the first permanent settlement in America, which later became our owncountry so we can vote for our rulers. So we have Henry VIII to thank for us being voters.

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