Overthinking Overheats the Oven

I should walk around with a warning label. Something that says Hello, I’m Claire and I over think everything. And it’s not the standard over thinking. I think I’ve created my own level of megathinking, and lately it’s been a tad bit stressful, when it shouldn’t be.

So registration is in a week and a half, and I already had my advisor meeting and she helped me get ready for my science, Italian, and Univ 112 (aka English). But then I opened my mouth “I’m trying to get out of here debt-free so I want to take some classes over the summer at community college”.  That was cool with her, so she set me up with Political Science 103 and let me pick my own100 level history class, which didn’t really help. Poli Sci is always offered at summer community college, and I’ve already set my mind to take American History there, so why take it here when I can save a few bucks at John Tyler? And on the matters of my history class, well I sat down with the favorite history advisor who pretty much said I can take whatever 100 level class I want as well. So I kinda sat in the back and thought about my double minors and five year teaching program requirements and overwhelmed myself (But don’t worry, I’m meeting with my advisor again this week). 

Then, today was a lazy Sunday, and with not much homework I had the bright idea of going shopping. 

You guys, I’m almost nineteen. I’m old. Shopping isn’t as fun anymore. 

(Cricket sounds as the room can no longer breathe because what I just said was so astronomically insane)

I think I didn’t enjoy myself as much as I used to because I went solo. I had coupons galore, and shopped the sale racks, but my frugalness was kicking in- why spend $40 for a sweater when that is valuable money that could be saved up for things like food and tuition? Tomorrow morning I’ll be regretting that, but the stores will always be open and my coupons are still good. Plus, I’m still in the uniform state of mind and have to ask myself certain questions before I buy things-

1. Now Claire, when are you going to wear this? (As in, is there an upcoming tag day? I’m still getting used to every day being an option)

2. Is this appropriate? (If I wear this to school are my teachers going to run after me with rulers in hand to see if my skirt is too short-even though it’s totally not)

3. Will you wear this after the next tag day? (Well not so much anymore)

Plus today I was running around thinking “Oh, Macy’s will probably have something better” then go to Macy’s and decide I liked the stuff better at Pac Sun and return to Pac Sun and rethink that amazing Macy’s coupon. I ended up going home with nothing. I don’t think I like the real world’s clothes either. I’m just going to stick to thrifting and making my clothes. 



Oh those are the super cute hipsters at my school! Teach me your ways and take me shopping with you sometime! 

Also, my birthday is slightly stressing me out because how the hell do you birthday when you commute and you have friends all over the state, community college, and the dorms? Okay we’re going to end that part there because you just listened to me rant about absolutely nothing for the last few paragraphs so you deserve a little break. (I’lll be alright as long as I get everything on my birthday list anyway). Okay, so, game plan to destress: do some more stretches, drink some more coffee in the morning, plan a meeting with the advisor, follow hipsters around until they take me to their underground thrift stores. And tell myself I’m pretty a lot. Bake. Yes, do that too, in fact kiss cookies (oreo crumb cookies with cookies and creme kisses) and pumpkin nutella muffins. I guess I should send you the recipes since this is (supposedly) part food blog?



Well thanks, loyal reader! You’re awesome and deserve some kiss cookies- or maybe salted caramel? 

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