Another Rant on Food

Most people don’t know this about me (and probably my mother included), but I’ve always flirted (not with boys) but with vegetarianism. I’m all about peace, love, happiness, and free food, so of course the next step is equal protection and treatment to all living creatures. Often in high school when bugs were spotted and everyone ran across the room a brave teacher or student killed it or whatever may be, I was the girl sitting in her desk, yelling like a crazy person to let the spider live because he didn’t harm anyone. (I can hear you all muttering “hippie” under your breath)

Sorry I’m not sorry. That spider has a right to live. Just like the chicken Tyson bought before they stuffed it in a cage and nipped its beak and claws (What kinda quality of life is that?) then gave it “feed” or whatever kinda antibiotics, chemicals and processed crap that will get it fat, not real food that chickens are supposed to eat. Which doesn’t really work out in the end because we then eat the chicken and get that gross feed mixture into our system (I don’t think that was part of God’s big plan). 

As you may or may not know from my “Identity Crisis” post, I already am thought of as a vegetarian, and the only thing stopping me going all out is a those small meat cravings and nutritional value. I recently read an article about how people should go for a veggie first than meat kinda mindset during meals (that ain’t happening but I’m going for it). So if I’ll stay an omnivore, I think I’ll at least try to go to local/organic meats and veggies. I love farmer’s markets, not only do they boost local economy and have great fresh fruits and veggies, and eating local is better for your body. When I told my mother this, she just rolled her eyes, Okay great my son will only eat McNuggets and pancakes and my daughter wants her honey local and refuses to touch Tyson. I give up now. I love you Mommy!

It’s hard for anyone to do so, especially in college. The Oregon Hill Farmer’s Market does a deal where you flash your student ID and get a $10 box of fresh, local fruits, jams, and etc (a big box, from what I’ve heard!) You can’t live off the local apples from Schafer either, it must be rough with a Cane’s there as well, but you do what you gotta do (Darn! Chick-fil-a again!) The local/organic is going to cost you more, but think about this: It’s worth more. You pay nothing for Cheeto’s which are nothing for you. My uncle has a little garden at his house, and is always making his own salads and soups and other amazing dishes with them. You go Tim! And for when you eat out, some places like Burger Bach are do that whole grass fed/local/organic shin dig and well everyone loves it. (Also, eat at local restaurants/coffee shops. They will be 1000% then any other chain you go to.)

Did you make it to the end? Are you still with me? No seriously are people actually reading this blog or do you just scroll through until you get to the gifs now? Should we start doing scavenger hunts and contests here? With cookie prizes? (They’ll be made local (by me) and with love) 

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