Hey guess what today is?



How was my day, you might ask? Quite splendid, my Italian pop star boyfriend made me breakfast in bed as well as a real seven plate pranzo, or lunch. Sitting on the banks of our beach house overlooking Capri afterwards, he played love songs on his guitar for me while I stuffed my face with lots and lots of cake and coffee. Torta e caffè.


When I woke up from that dream, I made some waffles and drank coffee. But my birthday was still fun, Saturday night I hung out with my friends. I thought it might be fun to dress up a little bit.


(After Saint Gertrude, where my make-up bag collected dust, putting on makeup kinda looks like this^^)

Birthdays are a funny thing. There used to be a magic that woke you up in the morning and flowed around you all day like Hey guess the stars dedicated today to me and just me so everyone buy me a cake. But after about nine or ten, the magic kinda fades off, little by little.  Now I’m kinda like, wait today is birthday? I thought it was Sunday. Does that mean I have an excuse to not do homework and eat more candy?

But anyway, I had fun. I’m so happy to have been with some of my close friends hanging out in Carytown/watching the VCU game in Sean’s dorm. I bought my friends dinner at Burger Bach and then we later had raspberry chocolate cupcakes (calories don’t exist on your birthday, no matter how many days you celebrate). And VCU won (duh), thanks Shaka for the nice present!


(Don’t ask me who these people are I just found them on google)

However, none of you got me the seven foot tall giraffe or hired an all male a cappella group to sing for me, so now I must defriend you all. (Except for you, Mother. She got me goat’s milk lotion and cookie cutters that spell out VCU.)


Expect this to happen next time at the Commons. (Except for Shaka. He can always sit with me. We’re still tight after the one time we passed each other on the compass and I freaked out while he ignored my presence)


For realz doe, how lucky am I that my best friend and I are living the same life of going to the same high school and commuting to the same college with our humanities majors looking for rich husbands? Plus, we both understand the beauty of good coffee and Urban sales


My favorite couple/best friends. Proof there is love but constant reminder there’s none for me. Janey and I are quite excited to make Thai iced tea and other delicious dishes. Sean is the reason why I have friends.


THIS GIRL BOUGHT ME A CONCERT TICKET TO THE 1975 AND TWENTY-ONE PILOTS AND WE HAVE BEST FRIEND KEYCHAINS WHY WOULD I EVER WANT BOYS WHEN I HAVE HER?! And we are job twins, enjoy praising biscuits, and are amazing at Baking Bad so pretty much we were separated at birth

I know you’re jealous now, these people (plus my other friends) are all pretty much


I’m so fortunate to be loved by so many beautiful souls. I don’t know where I would be without any of you. You all mean a lot to me and I’m so happy to call you my friends. From the kids I met at Saint Edward’s when we were all fat and awkward, to the girls who made Saint Gertrude the good memories that it is, even now to my VCU love bugs, the people who I can really connect to. I LOVE EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU.  (Don’t worry, I won’t defriend you. I will be accepting the all male a cappella group as a Christmas present)


Thanks for everything Momma! Did you know the day I was born as she fought the hospital people about epiderals, my father watched Sports Center then went out to eat that night? At least she had me by her side then, now and always. You go Momma Mindy, I love you! (Plus she’s making me lasagna and bought me a sweater so my other one wouldn’t be lonely, so I should probably be nice to her)


Me: Hey James guess what it’s my birthday!

James: Hey guess what–me too. Can I go on reddit on your laptop?

Alright y’all, I’m going to go eat lasagna then write my papers read Buzzfeed articles and be 19. Woohoo one last year of being a teenager! Is that supposed to mean something? Should I go pierce something or get a tramp stamp and be rebellious?

Nah, I’ll just keep baking. Here are the waffle and cupcakes recipes, my birthday gift to you (I know, I really shouldn’t have, but I couldn’t resist):


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