Modern Families

I don’t normally watch a lot of television- (honestly how do you people have time for it?) but a couple times a week I’ll watch Modern Family with Momma Bear and baby James (Sorry you might wanna click on the photos to enlarge and gifs to animate)


And the last time I was watching it with James, an epiphany occurred- James is totally Manny (the intellectual little Hispanic boy). Smart, funny, and pretty classy.


And I am Claire. Not only are we name twins, but she is living a couple of my dreams: rich (and cool!) husband and three kids, ultimate soccer mom, plus she lives in California.


Claire’s quirky, she’s cute, and an ultimate soccer mom, but there’s one thing that’s stopping me from completely turning into her-she doesn’t work. I don’t care how rich my husband is-he can be freaking Bill Gates-I want to work. Teacher, art museum docent,  librarian-doesn’t matter, point is, I love working and being busy and if I stay at home I’ll probably still be reading Buzzfeed articles and painting my toe nails in bed. I’ve been working for two years now to pay for my college degree, and I have every intention of using it. (Plus how to do you expect me to prance around in happy history-ness if I’m watching the View?)


Now I’m all for feminism, but that doesn’t mean I’m against marriage. I remember during my junior year, there was an intense rant that ran around Silver and Blue for about a month on why women should go to college. Everyone concurred-women should go to college- but the reasoning behind some of the people irritated me. When your husband leaves you-I’m sorry we don’t have to finish that statement. When? When?! WHEN?!?! I know the world is changing and divorce rates are on the rise but really are you planning the demise of your marriage? We people plan things like Thanksgiving dinner and trips the hair salon, not when we get divorce papers signed. I don’t know about you and your life, but I want to get married once and only once. There’s nothing wrong with wanting love and a husband (maybe I want more in my life that just cats, is that okay?!) and the idea of forever. I see a lot of elderly couples at my job who are still in love after getting married many, many moons ago and it warms my heart more than a chai tea. Could I maybe just please have that?


This this this all I’ve always wanted to dance around in the sky with Prince Phillip or someone of adequate royal rank (Can we pause for a moment and recognize that Claire’s husband is named Phil?)


We can take a tip from Modern Family- yeah they are all ridiculous, but have you noticed that they’re happy? From Manny with his black coffee to those polar opposite Duphrey girls, at the end of each episode there is love and hugs. None of us have perfect families, and the show is definitely trying to tell us that, and in the 21st century that’s okay. If your future self has a major flaw, it’s going to be okay because she’s a cute girl on tv and you can do whatever you want. That’s exactly what Modern Family is about-being content in your own skin and not being worried who cares. You know what? That’s the life I want to live.

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