Ending Your First Semester

I think I ended my first semester on the right foot: I met my husband last week.

So I was in Starbucks before Italian one morning (like always) and there was a really attractive guy in front of me so I tried not to stare while we waited. When my little barista friend asked what he wanted, he told them a chai tea so I internally went haywire like omg pretty boy that’s my favorite drink stop we’re meant to be then regained normalcy so I could order coffee. So Mike, as I found out his name from his Starbucks order, and I met up again at the table in the back and we both poured honey in our drinks and I got all a flutter at this reinforcement that we’re meant to be. What a cutie, he probably likes scarves and the art museum and is majoring in English or something other liberal art. Mike and I are getting married now, at our wedding the cake will be layers of chai tea and espresso cake with a honey buttercream frosting. Starbucks baristas will be the flower girls, but they’ll toss tea leaves instead of flowers and instead of throwing rice at the end, there will be baskets of espresso beans. Don’t stain my dress or Mike will beat you up.


I’m sad the semester is ending for more reasons than all the Starbucks stalking for husbands. A couple of days after I registered for next semester, I realized that it meant three things.

1. I never have to take math ever, ever again. I took my one and only math credit and I’m done. As a wanna be art kid, my notes typically ended up like this:

mathnotes(you’re gonna wanna click to enjoy it!)

Thank the Jesús Christo no more logs and regression or whatever that stuff is that I learned this semester. More time for Italian, political science, art and of course, HISTORY!


(Click this too!)

2. I’m taking new classes next semester with new people. As in I won’t have math with  the two friends I made in that class anymore. Jordan and I won’t sit there and refuse to do the work and Brice won’t explain everything to us. And my metrosexual hipster friend won’t spend another history class online shopping while I furiously try to write down everything the professor says. (Okay so he spent the last class google searching something on images and I couldn’t tell what it was- trees, Grecian pottery, and houses came up). New people does mean more chances to meet cute boys, and Hannah and I were just talking about how we need new chances for boys.


3. Sean, Vivian and I aren’t going to have 10:00 free together anymore. No more meet ups in the Commons! What am I going to do without my bidaily visits with my small Asian friend and best guy friend? At least Sean is in my Italian 102.

It’s so strange to think I’ve almost finished my first semester here. I’ve learned as much as I would’ve in a year long class in high school. The first semester surely wasn’t easy, but I made it hip hip hooray now only…nine more to go? It’s not going to be easy or cheap, but it’s going to be hella worth it when I get out with those degrees. All though I wasn’t happy at first to commute, it ended up better than I thought. Dorm life reminds me too much of hotels, plus I still had mini experiences of it with Honors Dorm sleepovers with Alison. Meal plans for commuters are also extremely dumb because your friends end up with 145 swipes with two weeks left to go so you just end up leeching off of them. And at times I felt like I wasn’t getting the full college experience, working twenty hours and always being home, but like I said earlier, it’s going to be worth it. I have a Sean and a Hannah and an Alison plus more amazing friends that are going to make the next few years here bearable, and the new friends I am going to make.

Okay, it’s exam week so I’m going back to Starbucks to drink more coffee and find Mike (can’t lose my husband again!). Meh, why must my 11:00 have a Monday morning exam at 8:00? Cool logic, bro.

hipsterwedding Do you like our engagement photo?


On a more solemn note, Happy Birthday to my Granddaddy. I love you and miss you so much. Thanks for supporting me then and being my angel now. 420757_3393812243094_2100858870_n


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