Stress and Exams

Oh, Richmond weather. You never cease to try to screw me over. Did you guys see what happened on Sunday? I looked out my window to a lot of cold rain, ice, the leaves were frozen over, and a little bit of snow, and I couldn’t help but wonder, Who actually likes winter?!? Is there anyone looking outside going, yep, good idea, Weather Gods, we should do this more often. I had heard that it was going to be a bad ice storm, but I kinda ignored everyone’s worrying because it kills my mellow and it’s still summer in my head. So, like many other college students, I was studying ridiculously for my History 101 exam until late at night, until I decided I knew enough and it was time to sleep. My body thought otherwise, and I just laid in bed, maybe getting a few minutes here or there. At one point, I looked at my clock, which read 4:45. Then its light when out, and the fan slowed down to a stop.

I should’ve listened to my mother a little more closely when she kept me in lockdown on Sunday and fretted about losing power. I thought she was stressing out too much over something that may not happen, and there we were, in the darkest dark. At 6:30 she came knocking on James’ and my doors and handing out flashlights, “James, get up. I’m taking you to school. Claire, have fun getting to school.”


Well me and my little icy car made it to VCU, perfect timing to stumble upon Hannah in the parking deck and hang out in the library before hand. Then I walked into MCALC without my Blue Book and my eyes flashed to that line in the syllabus where it says you will lose 10 points on the exam if you don’t have one. I tried to explain this to my professor, who told me to go to 7-11 and buy one. “You need a Blue Book?” My metro hipster friend asked me, and pulled out an extra one. Aw, the first time he talks to me in weeks and he’s being nice! I paid him a quarter for the book and offered him a mint, before we both kicked the exam’s butt back into history.


Then, to beat the stress, Janey, Sean, Hannah and I played with puppies in the ballroom!! (You are never too old for animals)

enhanced-buzz-15360-1386260711-8 (No corgis there, they’re just awesome). Then Janey left us because she has an awful UNIV 112 class that is asking her to write papers during exam week, so the rest of us went to the library- intentionally to study, but come one, we are sleep deprived, brain fried, college students. We just ended up making fun of each other and going to Bleecker St Cafe.

While Hannah and I were talking to Sean about his boys, we asked if we could hang out with his roommates again, which Sean replied that we would actually have to talk to them. Doesn’t he know that not only does that involve effort, we also have no idea how to boy.


I then realized while Hannah and I were making our fun winter break to do list, that we’re pretty much in a relationship. I don’t know how Alison is going to feel about that since we’re getting married, and at the same time, Janey might leave Sean and run into the kitchen with me to make Thai Iced Tea and cookies. No seriously why I am sitting around asking for a boyfriend when I have friends that are actually insanely awesome now? (Also can I see my other friends before you leave me for break?)

Image(If you click it’s more than just Chandler!) (BTW sorry about all of this clicking problems, the elite blogging team is working on fixing this. So if any computer geek knows how to fix it, please let me know. I pay in love and baked goods)

Okay class, so what did we learn here today? Claire can’t function without her coffee and Good Morning America, serendipity is on your side during exam week, and we should forget about waiting for boys when we can bake and go to concerts with our best friends. Okay, I might sleep now to make up for lost time. Plus side of college: month long breaks, which means more time to blog! Good luck with exams, I believe in you!

~Miss Gerloff


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