Ode to Baking

I can’t pinpoint a certain experience or driving force in my life that made me love baking, I just sorta have loved it forever (AsasmallchildmostoftheprocessedfoodsIatewereladenedwithsugarandmademeaddictedsoSALTSUGARFAT). I didn’t even bake that much when I was young;  I was about ten or eleven and reading directions on muffin box mixes when I started baking.

My love for baking dramatically increased at Saint Gertrude, where baking is the official school wide pastime (other than Song Contest).  Friend’s birthdays, class food parties, and Foreign Language Club meetings made me search up thousands of recipes over the years and I gained a reputation for baking. A couple of times, hungry girls stopped me in the hall to ask if I had some cookies or cake on me, always on the rare days that I didn’t. In the beginning, I just used Hello, Cupcake and What’s New, Cupcake? and focused more on the decorations.


But buying all those candies and decorating becomes expensive, so I later went on to delectable treats where it became taste vs show. Can anyone say my famous white chocolate Oreo cake? Dr Pepper cupcakes and dark chocolate pumpkin cheesecake brownies might cost a little less, but I probably didn’t save a significant amount of time.


I think my bake for boys idea was first hatched in the beginning of senior year. I was working with this beautiful boy that I was extremely intent on dating. So, all-girls school mind, what’s the bright idea to get Robert to date me? Of course, baked goods! So about every week or so, I’d bring in cookies, cupcakes, whatever, “Oh you know, I made these for whatever, and they’re just leftover” *bats eyes a lot* “Do you like them?” “Yeah, they’re really good” He would say, very emotionless, the continue cutting up pineapple. Glad to hear that, honey, ‘cuz I sorta love you. (After he denied my prom invitation and never noticed my interest in him, it has been concluded that Robert is asexual like a plant. Maybe cookies will work on the next boy!)


So about the time Saint Gertrude was winding down was when Sean and I started becoming friends, and that’s when he found out I am the baking queen. He gave me a lot of “Hey you should bake something and give me some” during the summer and I was like uh no I want this entire loaf of carrot pineapple banana bread.


When VCU orientation was approaching, I knew I had Sean to help me make friends but I still needed something, so ah-ah-Claire made chocolate chip cookies! And I’m hella happy that I did because it helped me meet Brad and Summer and Lindsey c: A couple months later, Sean demanded that I make cookies for Welcome Week. I rolled my eyes because Sean, but whipped out chocolate Oreo cookies because I knew the key to a good friend is asking them if they want free cookies the first time you meet.

howitsdoneAs the unofficial room mother to the engineers, I whipped out some kinda baked good about every two weeks, which should equal best friend status with the boys. Unfortunately, it’s more like I hand Sean some tupperware and he texts me a couple hours later with everyone’s commentary and I kinda sit there like shouldn’t I be getting more out of this? Maybe eternal love or at least hanging with them? (However, I did make lots of friends who want to bake with me!)

In my unfulfilling baking journey this semester, I missed Saint Gertrude baking. When everyone has that one perfect recipe they pull out for each food party and everyone eats ten of everything and we all look at each other like holy amaze balls this is the greatest thing God has ever given us. There was so much more gratitude and love with the cookies.

Friday night Anne Barrett is having a cookie exchange for all of Silver and Blue. I’m beyond excited to bake again for my baby girls, but even more happy to see them. Yeah, I did like seeing the engineers those three times and having guy friends but that’s not the same. They have problems when you ask the class for a tampon, they didn’t go through Song Contest with you, or embrace you after class when your teacher made you cry. And they sure as hell couldn’t be found at the end of day, standing by their locker, asking the passerby’s if they’d like a peanut butter cookie. Man, I miss Saint Gertrude and I can’t wait to see/bake for Silver and Blue again.

soexcitedDecember 18th is National Bake Cookies Day. Bake something for your beloveds!

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