Music Lessons

Have you ever heard anyone say that they don’t like music? Music is one of the few bonding forces that unites all people. It’s a basic necessity, like water, shelter, food, and breathing. Music works as a such a powerful force, it can stir up tears, love, and trigger memories. One of my favorites is after a concert, when you are blown away by the show. Leaving the venue with the adrenaline and exhileration, I turn to my friends and we look at each other and say “That was the greatest thing that has ever happened to me”. What other medium can do that to you? I’ve always thought music to be a beautiful thing, a message of your soul. Music, as an art, imitates life.

Last Saturday, Alison pulled me out of my cave to take me to the 1975 and twenty one pilots at The National. We got up close (and personal when Tyler of twenty one pilots walked right between to us) and our ears probably took a little hit too, being in the front row. But it was so worth it. The energy level of the crowd buzzed throughout the air, spreading the excitement. The 1975, from Manchester, England, brought good British music, not poppy One Direction stuff. twenty one pilots works their own rap punk pop vibe a la white boy style. Alison and I are also marrying the duo.


Mom, I know you said I can’t have any tattoos, but you never said anything about my husband!

Tyler articulated something that I’ve always admired about music during the performance: Music is a chance to express your self to everyone, and no one will really care. Because we’re all weird. It’s time to drop all fears and show your colors to everyone. Music is such a uniting force.

Tuesday, I returned to the National with Hannah to go see New Politics, who we both adore. This show wasn’t sold out, but it was still amazing. A more intimate concert, I think the band members made eye contact with everyone in the audience at least once. When the show was over, we even got to meet New Politics and talk to one of the openers for a while (someone made them cookies- why didn’t Hannah and I think of that?!) I was so happy to be there with my best friend at her first concert- another A+ quality.


During the show, the lead singer, David, talked about following their dreams brought them here, headlining shows and touring the globe. Follow your dreams. It sounds so easy, but it’s not. But if you want happiness, that’s how you do it. Never settle for the practical or the safe. Yeah, you might have to sell used cars by day and play music by night, but if that’s what makes you happy by all means do that! If you want to be an artist, ignore those idiots who tell only say you won’t make money. You know better than that. Happiness is, and forever will be more valuable than money.

I come from a musical family, so that’s probably why I see so much in music. I grew up with parents serenading me from lullabies to Little Feat, but I’m a tone deaf fool; then when my mom tried to sing to baby James, he just covered her mouth with his hand, and now he’s a little alto saxophonist. It’s only been three months for him on the sax, it’s impressive how quick and naturally music comes to him. Hm, I wonder where he got this musical talent, definitely not his premiere guitarist father and singing scholarship mother. This boy only picked music because he was tired of art, a lucky strike of chance. Wednesday was his first concert at Thomas Jefferson, it was awesome. I’m really happy James likes playing, music is good for your soul, it connects you throughout time to every other person who played those notes and sang those words. I really do love music. It’s another universe, an oversoul over us that reminds us there are other people out there who feel just like you do. Music is here to connect our hearts and create dreams to go after.


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