Pros and Cons of Winter Break

Spring break-uh I mean-winter (these 70 degree days have totally flipped my head around) is much needed after one long semester. Plus side of college? Getting one month off until classes begin again on January 13th. There’s a lot of good with having a month off, like making up for lost sleep and getting two more weeks off than my mom and  James; but there are downsides as well. What’s that? You want to hear all my pros and cons? Okay good because I anticipated that and made a list for you when you weren’t looking.


  • Pros: Hip hip hurray I get to see my Saint Gertrude people that I’ve been missing since summer. Since I was working every minute of fall break and outta town during Thanksgiving break, I finally get to see Celeste, Maegan, Christina, Caroline, and all you other baby boos who left Richmond (and me).
  • Cons: WHERE ARE MY VCU FRIENDS!?! When I head down to campus, it’s empty; I’m roaming around the gym looking for Eric, walking up and down Grace wondering why the Honors Dorm looks so empty, and stand alone at Starbucks. Could everyone come home from NOVA, I swear you’re not having as much fun there as you would here.



  • Pros: Now that I’m not writing Focused Inquiry papers or doing meaningless algebra worksheets, I have time to be on the clock for 31 hours a week. Time is money, and so are tuition bills. Hence, I will gladly sell my soul to Buford Road Pharmacy. (Another plus side: winter time at the pharmacy means busy time! At Sweet Frog, it meant being on the clock to talk to Marcus and eat Libbie Market fried chicken and potato wedges)


  • Cons: 31 hours a week also means a lot of “Sorry, I wish I could hang out but I have sell drugs” to your friends asking you to hang out.


Free time! 

  • Pros: Concerts concerts and more concerts! And so much time to finally sew and make zipper bracelets! Now I can finally read Dan Brown’s Inferno, oh I have so many awesome plans for my month off it’s going to be awesome!!

  • Cons: Hahahaha free time is a myth. I’m at work all the time and then when I get home I need to clean my room or do something about my weird cat. (For the record, I’m being 100% truthful here. I said I need to clean my room. I did not say that I cleaned my room.)


  • Pros: Yay for gifts and merriments, reasons for good food, chocolate, and post Christmas 85% discounted holiday candy!! I love doing things for my friends and charity so that makes me really happy c:

  • Don’t get me wrong and please don’t call me a Grinch, but Christmas is not my season (because it’s in winter). Everything is typically cold, I can’t prance around barefoot and jump around in my shorts and tank top. The holiday is green and red and I like the bright oranges, yellows, and turquoises of summer. Also, we can insert a typical rant about the commercialization and crowded Targets here….

Baking cookies

  • Pros: Cookie parties, cookie recipes, cookie baking time with friends, ahhh it’s another excuse to use more sugar!! Plus, I got those cute cookie cutters from my mommy to use plus my new state of Virginia cutter 🙂

Note to self: Pencil in cookie time with future husband #3 Josh Hutcherson

  • Cons: My boys have left me for their mommies and now I don’t know what to do with all these extra cookies. (Come back to me, little engineers!)

The gym

  • At first it was a great idea! Go to the gym over break to avoid getting fat from those extra cookies. It was just me and that guy with the Jew fro who is always judging me (and a few other Richmond kids). I was really getting into the zone and kicking some elliptical butt!

  • Suddenly, Cary Street Gym thought it would be a great idea to just close until early January. No stop  this wasn’t a part of the plan I want my pants to fit

Looks like my break is going to be filled with more work. But that’s okay, half-superheros can do these kinda things. And no matter how busy I will be, I will still find time to blog, whether or not people are reading this.

lizziemcguirexmasI don’t know about you, but I really hope Steven Tyler is Santa Claus. Maybe I should brace myself for Short Pump’s atrocious traffic for the chance to meet this legend. Maybe he can sneak me some cool Aerosmith memorabilia under the tree this year. Or at least sing a song with me….

Feliz Navidad bellos!

(PS Morgan I finally figured out the gifs c: thanks girl!)

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