Another New Year’s Resolution Post

Hey there! I miss you. I’m currently in Myrtle Beach on vacation with my family but my mom just left me and James is still asleep so I got lonely and started blogging. I’m having a pretty good time here. I came into this vacation ready with tons of jokes about fried chicken and racists, but I forgot that the South also has Southern Charm. Which, now I that I think about it, is probably why all the cute boys here talk to me. (But why not in the RVA? Why cute boys?)

But let’s get back to business. In case you forgot between the many articles and all the TV specials, tonight is New Year’s Eve and tomorrow will be 2014. And lots of people are making resolutions, probably to go to the gym more. So they’ll go out, buy a gym membership, show up once or twice, but they’ll get intimidated by the super buff guys at the free weights and the fifty year olds who run faster than them on the treadmill and go to the grocery store and buy the discounted Christmas candy instead. So when their friends ask about the gym, they’ll swallow their shame and respond:

Normally my goals are get skinny and get a boyfriend, but those are such trite goals that require a lot of effort and I don’t like effort. This year, there’s a push to set reasonable goals. 



Well, I have a call for you. Let’s set some reasonable goals that are good not just for you, but for your community and planet! My goal for 2014 for us all can be summed up in one word: sustainability 

Sustainability means just enough. Not having leftover trash, and recycling more. Not getting the latest iPhone and throwing the old one out every time a new model comes out. Not buying lots of new clothes constantly, but shopping second hand. If you go back to the caveman era, people didn’t have five styles of loincloths and special bones for their hair to wear on date nights. Native Americans used all parts of the buffalo, they didn’t waste.

Native Americans also ate off of their crops, which brings me to the second part of sustainability: eating local. Support local farmers, eat organic because it’s better for your body, buy from locally owned stores, go to local restaurants rather than chains because the food is 97532975349 times better and you’re supporting the city’s economy. “Carraba’s is my favorite Italian place” Dear God no that’s corporate America honey let me take you to Joe’s Inn or Belmont Pizzeria and you might be able to eat some real Italian food.

My other resolution is to take over the throne of England and reign as Queen Elizabeth (Claire) III, setting up the House of Gerloff-disregard my German last name. Thanks to my royal French blood, I am destined to rule a nation, but since the monarchy in France is gone, I’ll have to go with my English heritage and love for English history to the motherland. I hope the old queen won’t mind me taking her land and her corgis…

My name is Elizabeth. I’ll wear a pink coat and hat. The corgis will never know the difference.

It’s good to have goals, whatever your resolutions this year may be. If they be attainable or not, if you give up in a day, a month, or never, at least you tried, right? (You are going to at least attempt, right?) Well anyway, have an amazing 2014, come back to Richmond you NOVA and Williamsburg kids (aka Alison). I’m looking forward to see what the four winds blow in our paths, and I’ll keep blogging my experiences along the way. Happy 2014!

(And yes, this post was 100% inspired by VCU)


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