Big News!

Hello there dear darlings, this is your resident blogger speaking.

I would like to first give thanks again to everyone for their support and kind words and gestures since my grandfather’s death, you don’t know how much I appreciate all of it. I am so lucky to be surrounded by such sweet people. With that going on along with more snow in Richmond that VCU refuses to cancel for (we at least got a delayed opening on Wednesday until 10:00. Guess who’s classes start at 11:00?), and all the studying and work for the classes, I didn’t have a chance to tell you guys my amazing news: I have been selected as a member of the Her Campus Blogging Network!

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Another Angel

It’s funny how things happen. Friday morning I was supposed to get breakfast with Alison but my car wasn’t working, so I stayed home until my mom could take me to class. And since I was home, I was able to answer the phone when my uncle Tim called in the morning. I was nervous when I saw his name on the caller ID, he was with my grandfather, who was at the hospital and not doing well. “Claire, I’m going to put you on speaker, is there anything you’d like to say to your grandpa?” My mind swarmed, I had no idea what to do, so I said the first thing that I could grab, “Grandpa? It’s me, Claire. I love you!”

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Second Start

Ciao, second semester! Come stai? Stai bene? Buono! (I really hope Sean isn’t reading this and making fun of my Italian ><) Alright amici, since I haven’t posted in about a week and you couldn’t stalk my life via blog, I think I owe you a pretty good post. Wanna hear about my first week of class? Leggo!

Monday morning began when Alison and I decided to swap our lunch dates for breakfasts, but there was traffic on the stupid highway and I was twenty minutes late. Lucky me, my best friend was super chill about it and we still got to talk and stuff our faces before class. Now, Mondays/Wednesdays/Fridays are made to kill me with classes jam-packed at lunch time, but I think I’m going to survive. I walked into my astronomy class, Continue reading

Spring Semester Notes

The second semester starts tomorrow. Ahh, I’ll finally be going back to downtown Richmond filled with weird people, engineers and art students who don’t give me attention, and my own creepy people at the gym. Since I had the month off to pharmacy, sorta work out, and go to concerts, I’ve really fallen out of this college thing, so I made some reminders to myself:

  1. Claire, You have to wear real clothes again. I know how much you loved sitting around in sweatpants and pajamas, but there are real people at college and you don’t want to be mistaken for a Monroe Park hobo on your way to Harris Hall. But hey, at least in Richmond the seasons mean nothing so you can wear your summer clothes in January. Okay yes that does mean you might actually have to shave your legs, but YOU CAN WEAR YOUR CUTE SUMMER DRESSES WITH YOUR FUN KNITTED HATS!! notshavinglegs Continue reading