Food Brings People Together

Conundrum of the ages right here: I currently have a god awful case of writer’s block and the burning desire to blog. Plus, the Dove chocolate I just unwrapped didn’t have an inspirational message so I’m a little thrown off and unhappy. Chocolate=food, so how about I describe my last few days with you via food?

Friday night I went to Platza Atezca with Maegan, a good friend of mine from high school. I had always heard that they made fresh guacamole at your table, so I asked for the first time and I was really good. My vegetarian enchiladas were so-so, (I blame the sauce and the drizzled sour cream), but when I got the bill I discovered that the table side show and guac was $8. That’s cute, corporate, but your guacamole wasn’t worth eight dollars. Whatever, I got to see my ladybug and that was the important part of the night!

Saturday morning, I thought it would be a cool idea to go to the gym, which was fun and less creepy old people, but the amount of show-off unattractively muscular guys was the same. And I got to see my boyfriend-not Mike Chai Tea or the Italian pop star- the cute volunteer from the Folk Festival-and he said hi to me! I don’t remember his name so I call him Alex and our children will be the blue-eyed, brunette master race. Look out, Arians.

Okay right food. So in the middle of my work-out Sean texted me, enticing me with the fresh brownies he and his mom were baking and I was over shortly.

I stayed for the Reddit

After I ate one, he stuffed the bag of Christmas goodies from Janey in my face. After trying the amazing cookies, I popped a piece of fudge in my mouth all like “OMG heaven fudge”. A few minutes and half a bag later, I read the note she wrote. It was chai fudge. All was at peace with the world and I realized that I might like Sean’s girlfriend a little bit more than Sean.

Sunday, my friend Lauren and I went to the mall together to catch up, shop a little and maybe grab a Starbucks…soy chai anyone? (How much more white girl can I get) (This seems to be a recurring theme in my life. Maybe this is a sign to pick Mike Chai Tea over Alex). After that, I came home and we ordered pizza for Brad, Dylan, Hannah, Sean, Janey and I to destroy before bowling.

After the lanes closed, we all came back to my house to play Cards Against Humanity and gorge ourselves with chocolates until 1 am. (So much for those weight loss resolutions, right?) Disclaimer: Cards Against Humanity will bring out the evil and dark in all of your innocent friends.

Funday Monday was great. Back at the gym in the morning, (but no Alex) before our Mellow Mushroom high school friends reunion. I missed seeing Celeste, Maegan, and Aubrie’s faces every day, making me laugh, being a person to talk to, and always making your morning with their crazy stories. And even though he’s in Richmond, Adam is always busy with school and work so we never see each other. Sorry I’m not sorry that one day wasn’t enough to see you babies. I have a similar empty feeling about my VCU friends, so Monday night was amazing to see….buh duh duh duhm ALISON!

Yeap that’s us three.
And Saint Gertrude girls.
But two different circles.

She, Hannah and I ate pizza and talked together at Hannah’s until Alison had to go back to Williamsburg.  Hannah and I ended the night with classic girls stuff: baking Congo Bars and watching Means Girls. We missed our other amica, but we planned plenty more cute dates to have for the upcoming semester. Like Valentine’s Day. Who needs boys when I have the two best girl friends ever? And yes, I’ll send them flowers, oversized teddy bears, candy, or whatever it is you people in relationships do.

And they’re all I need

But today’s lunch was special: I went to Galley with my fairy godmother Clare. Clare’s been our family friend for years, going back to baby pool days with her son Felix, husband Jeff, and my parentals and me. My summers are highlighted with splashing around and playing water taxi with Felix while our parents are talking about food and Italy and the other great things in life that were waiting for us kids to discover and love. So you can understand how warming it was (especially on today’s frigid temperatures) to hear that Clare considers us her second family-the kind you meet, click, and stick with- and me as her second child. You know I am honored to be part of her “cool as shit” family (That was a Gary Gerloff quote right there), and they are a part of mine, any day. Too bad Felix was out at Wintergreen and missed us.


Clare also has a food blog and writes in the Food Section of the Times-Dispatch once a month!

Well why don’t we look right here, I got over my writer’s block. and I got to tell you about the special people in my life! It doesn’t even matter that I didn’t mention what I ate for lunch today (curried chicken salad with fruit cup and some chocolate coconut flan cake if you were wondering). Food and people are pretty much the best things in life if you ask me. If you add the two just right, you can never go wrong.


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