Spring Semester Notes

The second semester starts tomorrow. Ahh, I’ll finally be going back to downtown Richmond filled with weird people, engineers and art students who don’t give me attention, and my own creepy people at the gym. Since I had the month off to pharmacy, sorta work out, and go to concerts, I’ve really fallen out of this college thing, so I made some reminders to myself:

  1. Claire, You have to wear real clothes again. I know how much you loved sitting around in sweatpants and pajamas, but there are real people at college and you don’t want to be mistaken for a Monroe Park hobo on your way to Harris Hall. But hey, at least in Richmond the seasons mean nothing so you can wear your summer clothes in January. Okay yes that does mean you might actually have to shave your legs, but YOU CAN WEAR YOUR CUTE SUMMER DRESSES WITH YOUR FUN KNITTED HATS!! notshavinglegs
  2. Monday, Wednesday and Friday class don’t start until 11:00. So please use this time for breakfast dates with Alison, homework, gym time, or possibly baking? Duuude the possibilities are endless- as long as you don’t sleep in or bring your whole bed downstairs and watch Good Morning America and today for hours.
  3. Speaking of baking, the spring semester, aka scholarship season, is quickly approaching and is very time consuming. What will the boys do without my many cookie recipes?

    I kinda imagine it like this.

    I kinda imagine it like this.

  4. Are you ever going to get a boyfriend? Or friends? Unfortunately, you can’t always be friends with just Hannah, Alison and Sean. 3friendsTake a chance and sit next to some random hottie in International Relations-who knows it might be Mike Chai Tea! (After you sit next to him and steal his friend’s seat, it’s quite imparative to talk to him. He’s not going to know that he’s your soulmate just by your charming looks)
  5. Have fun. Life can’t always be about work. Go on Carytown dates, take cute pictures at Maymont, go to concerts, cheer on VCU Rams, and sleepover in the Honors Dorm. It’s okay to have fun.

    Stop doing this.

    Stop doing this.

  6. Most importantly, this is the SPRING semester. SPRING. SPRING. SPRING. Sunshine and happiness, flowers and sandals, iced coffee and short dresses. Farmer’s markets will reopen and sell their goods and local and organic fruit and vegetables (eep!). Finally, it’s going to be socially acceptable to drink smoothies and roll down your car windows to blast the Grateful Dead (even though you haven’t stopped doing that since summer’s demise, you don’t have to hide the smoothies at least). Hide those bulky sweaters and gloves in exchange for sunglasses and trips to the James River. It’s spring, the season of revealing what soft, shaved legs look like, and being outside. Sunshine daydreams all the time. 

It all starts tomorrow, whether I’m ready for it or not, so I might as well go in with a positive attitude. New classes, new professors, new boys to completely blow it with, and new friends to weird out with my strangely open and overall unsual personality. Hey, if it all dramatically fails after my first day, I’ll go chill out in Monroe Park and feed birds with the hobos. I’ll fit right in in my sweatpants.

Peace and love, good luck with your SPRING semester, and happy SPRING,


(In case you’re wondering, I’m not really ready. I still need to finish decorating my binder covers and I need to pick out my outfit for tomorrow. ugh.)

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