Second Start

Ciao, second semester! Come stai? Stai bene? Buono! (I really hope Sean isn’t reading this and making fun of my Italian ><) Alright amici, since I haven’t posted in about a week and you couldn’t stalk my life via blog, I think I owe you a pretty good post. Wanna hear about my first week of class? Leggo!

Monday morning began when Alison and I decided to swap our lunch dates for breakfasts, but there was traffic on the stupid highway and I was twenty minutes late. Lucky me, my best friend was super chill about it and we still got to talk and stuff our faces before class. Now, Mondays/Wednesdays/Fridays are made to kill me with classes jam-packed at lunch time, but I think I’m going to survive. I walked into my astronomy class, a two story room with 350 seats and a person to fill each one-and I thought about crying. The entirety of Saint Gertrude wasn’t even that big, students, faculty, staff, parents who seem to be there every day, and the friendly neighbors who help you parallel park in the morning! 

So I made my way to the back and sat between a slightly autistic Asian and two girls. Luckily, the girls-Nikki and Nicole, both senior psych majors-and I made friends on Wednesday when the Asian disappeared. I’d also like to mention that my professor wears a cowboys hat and has a link on how to learn to square dance on his lecture website. Sorry what kinda school is this.

I run to Harris 101 after that for another huge lecture class, International Relations, where I sit in front of different cute hipster boys everyday (Monday the boys were talking about healthcare and they smiled at me!!!). You know when someone cusses a lot and they say that person has a sailor’s mouth? Well when sailor’s cuss a lot they say he has Saladino’s mouth. Professor Saladino drops so many F and S bombs you think this is some kinda nuclear war but no we’re justing going to talk about war. He made fun of his students and kept us laughing the whole class I found myself wondering if I was watching Comedy Central or sitting in a political science class. Again, what kinda school is this.


Italian isn’t the same without Vera, but I have Sean, which may end up being a good or bad thing I haven’t really decided yet. Hip hip hooray if we can study together, but he might just skip class because he taught himself all of this years ago. Oh well, until I decide that, I’m just going to make fun of him for sitting in the left-handed desk.

Tuesdays and Thursday are a little different. Mornings start off with African history, a totally random 100 level I chose to take. I was kinda apprehensive when I signed up for this class, but I think it’s going to be a good deal when the professor started making jokes about West Virginia. Plus, it’s a small class and all the boys are history majors-one even mentioned that he has an interest in religious studies(!!!)-so I might cool it a minute on engineers and art students to follow that dream I had once about marrying another history major.  After that, my UNIV 112 class from the fall is reunited for UNIV 200, and I really love having a class almost completely move over together. We switched our comfy chair classroom to a boardroom style room, but still our little friend group stayed in our little corner together (Four more yea–ehh ONE MORE SEMESTER!).

We so happy together

Claire, are you still just going to school then going to work/home to sit in your room? No, not entirely.  I went to the gym and all those people who only go to the gym in January were there and I was kinda annoyed. Have you ever heard of pop-up stores? They plan to be in business for a couple months then shut down. I propose we make a gym for those kids and let them go hang out there because they take the good elliptical machines that get a perfect view of the TV showing CNN and the one showing Ellen and I’m not sure if I can wait until February for them to leave.  

I did go back to the gym to finally go to a salsa dancing class with Janey. She and Sean asked me to go all the time last semester but I was always working, but now I was free. It was actually really fun, despite the fact that Cookie Monster has more rhythm than me.

Thursday it snowed in south side like I don’t know what and I was nervous to drive to class but after I came down to the city I walked to class angry that it looked like nothing had happened, maybe a little snow on the trees. Not cool. Anyway, after that, Debbi from the history department, Joseph from History Now! and I decorated the door to the History Department with historical people with little go VCU quotes. Yay for VCU beating Duquesne in basketball!


Okay well that’s my news for the week. Yay VCU, yay for my friends being back, yay for new fun classes, and snow I hate you go away where is my spring weather. And if you don’t see me for a while, this is also scholarship season so I might be disappearing a bit more frequently. I apologize ahead of time but girl’s gotta pay for college somehow. If you need me, check the second floor of Cabell library. coollibrary



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