Sick and Snow

Two of my least favorite things. And they decided to happen at the same time.

Sunday I woke up feeling a little meh, but my snuffly nose wasn’t going to hold me back. I made ran my errands, went to the library, then worked out at the gym and made plans to go again the next morning.

Monday didn’t work out that way so much. I slept in until 8:45, and you know it’s bad if I’m not up with the sunrise watching Good Morning America. My morning and afternoon were spent attempting to do my African History reading but unable to finish and searching the kitchen for more cinnamon and honey to put in yogurt, coffee, or whatever else (Cinnamon and honey, especially local and unpasteurized, are a homeopathic trick to fixing anything. And just a really good food combination). I showed up to work with a travel mug of hot tea and honey, travel tissues and a bottle of Ziacam. They sent me home after a couple of hours.

My new spirit animal has emerged

Tuesday I felt a little bit better, so I roughed it out for my first two classes, (angry at the rest of my family, who was out,) but once I saw the first two snowflakes falling at noon I knew it was a sign from the Gods, sped home and skipped Italian to wear more pajamas, drink more tea, and try to feel better. As I watched the snow pour down from the sky later, and heard my brother and mother shout for joy that they would have yet another day off on Wednesday I prayed VCU would do the same.

At 10:30 that night, my friends and I began sending enraged Snapchats, texts, and Facebook messages back and forth of how VCU could open at regular time. RUDE MUCH? Sorry half the school commutes and it’s kinda dangerous out there. So this morning, my fellow commuters again sent me stories of unplowed city roads, almost crashes on the Powhite getting to campus for your 9:00 that ends up being cancelled, and other train wrecks. screamsinternallyI was a little scared to leave my bed at that point, but the little voice in my head (he sounds like Morgan Freeman) told me to man up and go to class. See here’s the thing: I live in a death trap/forest/valley/hill-land that is quite dangerous on a normal day. Trinity Episcopal, the artsy private school in my neighborhood, gets off of school for losing power (Uhh I never lose power and I’m two minutes away?) and at the drop of a snowflake for the deadly roads. Saint Gertrude, on the other hand, used to never get off (at least with our old principal) and I would storm out of my house and down to Stuart Avenue to complain about getting out of my neighborhood and if Trinity would get off, well then so should I. No one really listened or cared because they all came from Short Pump and that’s its own horror story. So yes, I am used to driving in crappy weather for class. 

I made it out alive, minus a couple of points for the lingering cold, but overall two unenthusiastic thumbs up, and I made it for my astronomy class. International Relations was a different story. I showed up right when it was supposed to start, but my friend told me about the email he just sent about class starting at 12:20; there wasn’t enough time to get coffee so we stayed, and a random woman explained the professor was stuck behind a snow plow, but had just parked and would be there shortly. So we continued to wait. With 20 minutes left, he appeared to tell us pretty much to us to do our readings and study for our map quiz. Not amused, with my wasted time, I put on my five jackets, scarf, and hat to walk across the block for Italian.

This is me crossing Laurel

If I have a point here, it might be that I’m sick of this weather and this lingering cold. Hey, snow, I’m not sure if you know this or not, but  this is the SPRING semester and SPRING means sunshine daydreams, not snowmaggedon nightmares. It’s my warm weather and I want it now!! (I had to use a broom to get the snow off of my car this morning. That doesn’t fly with me.) And you, cold, I just want the ability to fully breathe out of my nose again, please and thank you.

Due to this crap, I wore my glasses two days straight and haven’t worn makeup since the weekend. I suppose that’s supposed to be good for my confidence or something but when I look in the mirror I just want to feel cute again.

VCU should be all girls on snowy days

So,  if you’re bored since your school is out unlike mine, feel free to construct a goodie basket and send it my way. I like dove chocolate, strawberries, fun nail polish, Led Zepplin,  scented candles and the Harry Potter series. If that sounds like too much, then send me a really cute pharmacy student boy with a warm blanket, Workaholics Seasons 1+2, chai tea, tomato basil soup, suggestion of medicine to take to feel better, and a few hours to cuddle and watch tv with me, oh and eternal love. Gift baskets and cute boys can be sent to: Claire Gerloff, The Room with the Purple Carpet, Second Floor, Gerloff House, Bon Air, VA.


For some reason I have to go to school again tomorrow, so I better go do some more readings and pop a Ziacam while I’m at it. I’ll be okay, I  just want to talk about how much I hate snow. But ehhh I’m still mentally on winter break and don’t wanna do anything. Is it summer yet?!?!clickflipflopsbeach

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