Another Angel

It’s funny how things happen. Friday morning I was supposed to get breakfast with Alison but my car wasn’t working, so I stayed home until my mom could take me to class. And since I was home, I was able to answer the phone when my uncle Tim called in the morning. I was nervous when I saw his name on the caller ID, he was with my grandfather, who was at the hospital and not doing well. “Claire, I’m going to put you on speaker, is there anything you’d like to say to your grandpa?” My mind swarmed, I had no idea what to do, so I said the first thing that I could grab, “Grandpa? It’s me, Claire. I love you!”

My mom called me after class to let me know that Grandpa passed away that morning. I’ve dealt with death before, but each time it’s different. My grandpa, such a sweet and funny man, I’ll forever miss his smiles, his forwarded emails of funny jokes he found, the time he let me drive his new car to his Sweet Frog with him and Matt, how he would talk to me about what my current interest may be from baseball to pharmacology, how on birthdays Grandma would write me a little note on the card and Grandpa would sign “Me too!”right next to it, taking me to Taste of Thai, and sending me to get the mail when we were down to visit.

James and I talked to Tim on the phone later on Friday, and he made a good point. Grandpa is living on, not in our minds, but our hearts. He’s here to watch over us, and help us along the way. He was an angel when he was alive and he’s angel now.

What helps me cope is imagining what’s going on in heaven. I imagine seeing Daddy there, seeing Grandpa, and going up to shake his hand, “Ed Kay! I’ve missed you. Here, I have a seat ready for you, and a full course meal, I’m going to treat you here tonight. Later you and I can watch a Pirates game, I gotta introduce you to some of the team. I’m so glad your here, I need you to watch over your wife, your sister, my wife-your daughter, my babies and nieces and nephews-your grand babies, and your children with me. It’s a big job, but you’re the right person for it.” And I can see my grandpa look over and smile, “Okay, Gary, sounds good!”

Thank you for all of your kind words and thoughts, phone calls and text messages. Your support and good vibes mean a lot to my family and me, thank you

5 thoughts on “Another Angel

  1. I am so glad your car wouldn’t start on Friday so Grandpa could hear your sweet voice and message. I do t know you you heard this or not, but one night while Grandpa was in the hospital and couldn’t sleep I read your your latest blog to him. We talked about how much we both enjoyed reading them and what a great writer you are.
    BTW, this is my favorite blog yet.
    Love you!

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