Big News!

Hello there dear darlings, this is your resident blogger speaking.

I would like to first give thanks again to everyone for their support and kind words and gestures since my grandfather’s death, you don’t know how much I appreciate all of it. I am so lucky to be surrounded by such sweet people. With that going on along with more snow in Richmond that VCU refuses to cancel for (we at least got a delayed opening on Wednesday until 10:00. Guess who’s classes start at 11:00?), and all the studying and work for the classes, I didn’t have a chance to tell you guys my amazing news: I have been selected as a member of the Her Campus Blogging Network!

Her Campus is a national blog that has chapters in schools everywhere, (and VCU, holler holler~). They have a network of bloggers that you must apply to be a part of, so I did and now I’m here! (Well I was here yesterday, and the day before that, a week before that, but now I’m here with a Her Campus badge at the bottom of the page!) Ahh I’m so excited for this c:

I’m not going to sell out or anything, I swear I’m not like those hipster bands that make it big and totally change their music once they go mainstream. If anything, now you should be getting more frequent doses of the weird stuff in the Claire Gerloff life, there might just be less profanity (I was trying to work on that anyway!)

We added fun media, figured out the Captured Gif Crisis of 2013 over here, so naturally the next stop includes linking things and embedding videos. (Where’s my computer engineer husband to help me out?)

You guys have been there as I started my first day in the big scary real people world, known to most as college, a universe that has boys and lacks uniforms.

You have listened to my rants, you’ve laughed at my gym experiences, baked some banana bread with me, and helped me cope with my losses. Posts like “If Disney Princesses went to VCU” and “Little Richmond Girl” went viral thanks to you (this blog has like 50 followers so yes I consider 2 shares on Facebook viral). If I say so myself, I owe this great nomination to you. If I didn’t have great, loyal readers, like Sarah from Her Campus VCU who suggested that I apply, I wouldn’t be in such a great place. So I’m ending this post as I began it, with a thank you to my beautiful readers and followers, I  would never imagine I would be apart of a national blogging network.

Wow, I don’t know what to do with myself now! I think I’ll go bake cookies now to celebrate and eat them all and not share with the engineers (loljk I’ll be knocking on their dorm door in two days with a filled cookie tin-how else will I ever get them to love me?) Aw, now I have the feels and I just wanna sit around my computer screen with you guys and talk about my new hipster friend in Astronomy but I have a map quiz on the world tomorrow so I better so study.

southamareecaGoodnight love bugs, and don’t ever forget that I love you


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