Let’s De-stress

From everyone I’ve talked to (but Alison) lately, I’ve heard the same thing: this semester is so busy. I remember last semester I heard people talking about staying up late doing homework and I rolled my eyes like “time management much?” but nope here I am, trying to manage my time yet still am spending nights more often than not, up doing readings, papers, and studying. I think I’m finally understanding this “college” thing. UNIV 200 is the actual death of many of us, work gets crazy, and hey why not make every application deadline due within a few days of each other? I can’t be the only one stressed out of her bones, so I thought I might help out my fellow Rams on calming down(and others who don’t go to VCU) (omgomg here comes another list :)): 

  • Listen to music. Now this can go two ways and I advise you to do both. First is to put on your Jack Johnson, Colbie Caillat, or other mellow melodies, close your eyes and zone out for a couple minutes, then let the low and steady rhythm guide you through your work. The other option is to blast your power music, lock the door to your room, (pray the people across the hall don’t get mad) and let it all out. Sing it, dance it, do whatever you want. May I suggest “Brave” by Sara Bareilles, “Roar” by Katy Perry and “Unwritten” by Natasha Bedingfield?  Continue reading

FAFSA: A Financial Aid Horror Story

A special dedication to the Class of 2014 and others applying for federal financial aid for the first time

If you remember the very first post ever, there were three objectives in this blog: 1. To document the love of food 2. To document the love of arts and crafts. 3. To document my “get out of college debt free”plan.  So, in honor of scholarship and financial aid season, I’d like to go back to objective #3 and share my cautionary tale of the major reason why I’m living in the 23235 (Bon Air) and not the 23220 (VCU area).

Let’s go back to about this time last year. I had already received my acceptance letter from VCU, and was way too excited for to be a ram. I wasn’t exactly sure whether or not I’d be on campus or with my family, but my prayers, hopes, dreams, and good vibes were sent to the College Gods, hoping they would assign me in Johnson or Brandt. My mother sat me down one day, “Alright Claire, let’s do FAFSA”. FAFSA, or Free Application for Federal Student Aid, is what you do if you need federal, state or institutional aid, and boy, did we need it. So as my accountant mother triple checked each box about six times, we sent it off, praying we could get money because lord knows we can’t afford it.  Continue reading

All Inclusive Richmond

Jim Gaffigan, you know me so well, but I kinda like blogging.

I’m going through a more stressful semester over here, but I’m part superhuman so I just keep powering through my days/homework, with another cup of coffee or two (or three). What’s really kicking my butt this semester is my UNIV 200 class, a research and writing university class. Each student writes a 8-10 page paper on a topic of their choice, so I was like hm cupcakes aren’t going to be a good topic let’s go with the historic Fan District of Richmond.

After picking my topic, I hopped up and crossed Floyd Avenue to get to my beloved history department to talk to the department head. A good family friend of ours, John excitedly sat down with me and discussed my topic with me, pulled a couple of books out of his extensive collection, then asked me Continue reading

36 Things We Miss About Summer

I don’t know about you, but I’m pretty annoyed with the snow. Well yeah, Alexis and I were pretty stoked when we got the message Wednesday in International Relations that we were going to be having a snow day in a half. And it was pretty nice not having to risk my life and car and everything else Thursday morning to get to class and just sit in my house eating yogurt, but I spent my morning doing homework and went into work that night (hey at least we closed early- and I got home in one piece!). Back to the stupid snow: while I was at the kitchen table, watching Good Morning America and drinking my third cup of coffee, I looked out the window to the six inches of snow, sighed when I though about those poor birds- where do they get food when it snows?!?-, and tried to remember if the groundhog saw his shadow or not and what did that even mean because I want summerI miss it so much I made a BuzzFeed-esque list for you:

36 Things We Miss About Summer:

  1. Short shorts and flip flops 
  2. Sno cones  (the only acceptable snow in this world comes from a creepy vendor at Maymont with three different sugary flavor pumps)
  3. Summer music
  4. Dressing like a hippie at Woodstock (Okay I know I kinda do that all the time but summer is prime for this sorta thing)  Continue reading

Meet My Boyfriends

You and I are both fully aware of two things: that I am single like no other, and Valentine’s Day is coming up.I’ve spent the past few holidays at school being the Queen of Hearts by passing out cupcakes, painting the school play scenery with Christina and Celeste  and working at Sweet Frog and wishing I had someone to spend the day with. The one time I did have a boyfriend, Valentine’s Day was like, Monday, and neither of us could drive, so I spent the day eating chocolate and watching Romeo and Juliet like a single lady (he did give me a handmade card, though). But this year, I’ve kinda accepted my status as crazy cat person and I’m going to celebrate it with my boyfriends. No no no I’m not dating lots of boys and withholding this information, I would never do that to you; these are the guys I stare at all day and I’m too chicken to open my mouth and say “hi” to.

  • My everywhere boyfriend! I have no idea who this kid is, but I see him in the commons, at the library, Continue reading