Sunshine Daydreams

I think we can all agree that January was just god-awful. With constant snow, cold weather, sicknesses everywhere, and deaths, we can collectively agree it needed to go, before it bleeds into February any further. And it wasn’t just me, these plagues were following a lot people. So I thought we all need a break of this doom and gloom (and I wanted another reason to make a list)

  1.  Hey guess what in less than two weeks it’s Valentine’s Day! Do you know what that means?! February 15th there will be so much discounted candy to buy!!! Make sure to stock up at Target since this will be your last chance for overpriced holiday packaged candy until Easter!! 
  2. SPRING is coming soon, and with that, SPRING fashion, aka bright colors, florals and pastels!! Soon you’ll be able to prance tra-la-la off to MCALC in your cute flowy skirt and ballet flats without wearing so many clothes that you have to waddle to class like a penguin (Don’t tell me that you like cold weather fashion and this concept of “layering”. The only layers that are good in this life are in a cake).
  3. Sean and I were leaving Italian today, and right outside Hibbs a bunch of guys were giving away free cups of lemonade. One of them held a sign that said “#Sunnyday” Thank you, random men, for brightening up this dreary day with liquid sunshine.

    Well, they were a little bit older…

  4. Guess what? Tomorrow morning, you will wake up and it will be the perfect time for coffee. Whether your mommy brews it for you (thanks Mom!), you get your daily fix at Starbucks or just hit up the machines at Shafer, you can drink your coffee and forget about everything in the world for a while to think about this cup of joy and glory, made just for you. I personally like a little honey with my coffee, and some chocolate soy milk if I’m feeling it. 
  5. In case you forget in the midst of all this dead winter, I’d like to remind you that you live in one of America’s best not-super populated big cities, Richmond (Or maybe you moved away for college, you’re actually in North Carolina, or maybe you have no actual connection to Richmond and are just reading this because you follow me on blog lovin’. Regardless, pretend that you do). One of the prettiest cities around, one of the most historical places, best places for restaurants, a huge art city, a big job economy, great music- local artists as well as touring bands-, always some kinda festival—See? You’re smiling now! You’re thinking about how awesome the Folk Festival was, the first time you had Joe’s Inn spaghetti, all the cute baby animals at Maymont, I knew Richmond would put a smile on your face. 

My magical abilities are only extending that far today, so I hope I could brighten up your day a little bit, like how my little friends serving lemonade. I’ve been preaching about these “sunshine daydreams” for a while now, and yes they are still some time away from being permanent, so until then, why not daydream? It will at least put you mentally at ease, and I hope that will brighten your spirits


Sunshine, daydream, walking in the tall trees, going where the wind goes
Blooming like a red rose, breathing more freely,
Ride our singin’, I’ll walk you in the morning sunshine
Sunshine, daydream. Sunshine, daydream. Walking in the sunshine.

-“Sugar Magnolia”, The Grateful Dead

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