36 Things We Miss About Summer

I don’t know about you, but I’m pretty annoyed with the snow. Well yeah, Alexis and I were pretty stoked when we got the message Wednesday in International Relations that we were going to be having a snow day in a half. And it was pretty nice not having to risk my life and car and everything else Thursday morning to get to class and just sit in my house eating yogurt, but I spent my morning doing homework and went into work that night (hey at least we closed early- and I got home in one piece!). Back to the stupid snow: while I was at the kitchen table, watching Good Morning America and drinking my third cup of coffee, I looked out the window to the six inches of snow, sighed when I though about those poor birds- where do they get food when it snows?!?-, and tried to remember if the groundhog saw his shadow or not and what did that even mean because I want summerI miss it so much I made a BuzzFeed-esque list for you:

36 Things We Miss About Summer:

  1. Short shorts and flip flops 
  2. Sno cones  (the only acceptable snow in this world comes from a creepy vendor at Maymont with three different sugary flavor pumps)
  3. Summer music
  4. Dressing like a hippie at Woodstock (Okay I know I kinda do that all the time but summer is prime for this sorta thing) 
  5. The smell of sun lotion, AKA the smell of summer
  6. Music days at Granite pool
  7. Granite family
  8. Granite pool overall

    Me and my float on Wednesday float day

  9. Waking up the morning know you don’t have to beeline it across the river for African history
  10. Rolling all the windows down in your car down Forest Hill Avenue, blasting your white girl music and get strange looks from the agitated people in the car next to you 
  11. Staying up until 2 AM due to fun, not writing your UNIV 200 paper
  12. Going to summer concerts with your best friends
  13. Lying in your bed with summer rainstorms in the background
  14. Spending hours watching Ed, Edd n Eddy with James 
  15. Going to Bon Air library and sitting on the floor, reading books for hours like you’re six, and getting in everyone’s way
  16. Having time to bake, sew, and do other arts and crafts 
  17. Going on morning runs and hoping to pass by cute boys until you realize halfway through everyone in your neighborhood is old
  18. Weekly trips to Target, Michael’s, and Kohl’s, hoping the store might’ve dramatically changed since the last visit 48 hours ago
  19. South of the James Farmer’s Market 
  20. Passion fruit iced tea lemonade
  21. Iced coffee
  22. Iced chai tea
  23. Marinades, grilled fish, grilled shrimp, grilled chicken, grilled eggplant with balsamic vinegarette omg I can’t even (If you, attractive boy reading this who definitely wants to date me, can make that, I will love you forever)
  24. Attractive shirtless guys with nice abs
  25. Blueberry picking
  26. Sunrise yoga and Carytown breakfast with the only other morning person you know/one of your best friends 
  27. Watching the Daily Show and the Colbert Report every night
  28. Enjoying the outdoor patio at restaurants with your friends
  29. Baseball season, baseball players, baseball husbands (whaaat wait who said that last part?)

    Those eyes doe

  30. Sweating from the heat (much better than shivering from the cold if you ask me)
  31. Spending the hottest day of the summer cooling off with your friends at the James River 
  32. Food and art festivals
  33. Maymont Park, Forest Hill Park, Katie’s Playground/Huguenot Park
  34. Leaves on trees
  35. Fireworks

    5th of July at the Diamond, everyone!

  36. The salty smell of the ocean greeting you as you get out of the car, the  heated sensations of standing on the sand, and the bliss that is ocean water

Man, I don’t know about your but I’m about to write a strongly worded letter to the weather gods about how annoyed I am with this winter (Do you think I can turn that in for my UNIV 200 research paper?). I’m over my long pants, sweaters stopped being fun after Christmas, and even my awesome VCU beanie is starting to get old. I suppose we should’ve listened to the Farmer’s Almanac and those people who said our mild 2013 summer would call for a cold winter, I just hope this is the last of it.

In other news, Her Campus has officially added me to their Blogging Network page!! Look it’s me under the lifestyle section!!!!! Go now click on the Her Campus button and there’s me and everyone else EEP THIS IS REALLY HAPPENING


Have you checked out Her Campus before? It’s like Buzzfeed for women. I love it, and schools have their own chapters so you tune into VCU Her Campus, Case Western Her Campus, and everywhere else. And no they did not ask me to endorse them that is 100% true feelings. BRB I need to go check out “New Kid on the Loch”. I have no idea who you are but you seem worldly and puny so we shall be friends.

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