Let’s De-stress

From everyone I’ve talked to (but Alison) lately, I’ve heard the same thing: this semester is so busy. I remember last semester I heard people talking about staying up late doing homework and I rolled my eyes like “time management much?” but nope here I am, trying to manage my time yet still am spending nights more often than not, up doing readings, papers, and studying. I think I’m finally understanding this “college” thing. UNIV 200 is the actual death of many of us, work gets crazy, and hey why not make every application deadline due within a few days of each other? I can’t be the only one stressed out of her bones, so I thought I might help out my fellow Rams on calming down(and others who don’t go to VCU) (omgomg here comes another list :)): 

  • Listen to music. Now this can go two ways and I advise you to do both. First is to put on your Jack Johnson, Colbie Caillat, or other mellow melodies, close your eyes and zone out for a couple minutes, then let the low and steady rhythm guide you through your work. The other option is to blast your power music, lock the door to your room, (pray the people across the hall don’t get mad) and let it all out. Sing it, dance it, do whatever you want. May I suggest “Brave” by Sara Bareilles, “Roar” by Katy Perry and “Unwritten” by Natasha Bedingfield? 
  • Lighting candles isn’t really going to work in the dorms unless you want to get kicked out  (living at home for the win!), but that’s okay because I’m pretty sure this one is 100% psychological. I tell myself scented candles help me concentrate, but really they leave my room smelling like honeysuckle. I do get homework done, so I suppose this one is a win.
  • Chew gum (especially mint)! This actually helps you concentrate!
  • Every girl knows that eating chocolate makes you feel better. Chocolate releases endorphins, so feel free to go ham biscuit on the post Valentine’s Day sales/Easter candy. Pop some Russell Stover to get that power boost to pull through the last pages from the African History reading; throw some Dove chocolate pieces in your backpack for that pick-me-up for when you think you’re about to pass out in Astronomy.

    Photo on 2-27-14 at 7.41 PM

    Two kinds of Hershey kisses, Dove chocolate, and a chocolate orange. And that’s just my desk.

  • If you’re anything like me (and I really pray not), you’ve been so busy the past few weeks you haven’t really had a real meal. You find yourself inhaling a granola bar in the Harris Hall elevator on the way to your next class then munching on an apple in Cabell waiting for your writing center appointment. If this may be the case, take some time, half an hour or so, and go have dinner with your friends. This need not be a nice dinner, hit up Shafer, just get out and get a different scenery. You’ll get your mind off of things, nourish your body, and get in quality time with your suite mates.  (Or eat everything since it’s a buffet and don’t go back to your dorm until closing)
  • Pick up your cell phone, search for Claire Gerloff under your contacts, hit call, and cry. Tell me everything. I’ll always be here to listen to you and what’s bothering you. We’re friends, don’t forget that (Unless you’re a serial killer than please let me redirect you to someone else). 
  • Story time! I was up until one last night writing essays and studying Italian, so waking up at 7:30 this morning wasn’t exactly “fun”, so I decided to dress up and wear my cute favorite spring time dress (with fun sweater tights, of course). And guess what? As I was walking to class, a cute boy in a plaid flannel shirt opened doors for me and started talking to me, telling me to have a good day. Yes I know you don’t care but uhm hello boys in plaid are one of my five favorite things and he was a gentleman so yes  dressing up is a good thing and yes boys notice your tights. 
  • If your UNIV 112/200/666 is what is stressing you out, then definitely go to VCU Writing Center.  THEY ARE WHAT GIVE YOU A+++ PAPERS PLEASE FOR LOVE OF JESUS CHRIST GO. I’ll even share my Writing Center boyfriend with you. I love him dearly he remembers to call me Claire not Elizabeth and last time we spent five minutes talking about Harry Potter and why Shockoe is not the place for a ballpark. (I even linked the Writing Center in here so if you’re stressed about your paper and don’t go I’ll come after you).

If you or someone you love has experienced any of the symptoms of stress, please follow the above printed instructions on feeling better. I hope these help you out, college is rough and sometimes it feels like there’s no time to breath, but you can’t live life like that. We’re almost at spring break, warm weather will be coming back soon, and your UNIV 200 paper will be done. Once again, we’ll sing and we’ll dance to Natasha Bedingfield together, bake cookies and be happy.

Don’t worry, about a thing

‘Cos every little thing is going to be alright

-Bob Marley


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