Ciao, Primavera!

Psst, you guys.

I know it’s dark and damp outside.

But the sun isn’t setting until at least 7:00 now.

And it wakes you up in the morning too.

You guys.

Spring is officially here!


Don’t mind the fact that the dogwood trees are covered in morning frost, or that schools were still delaying due to inclement weather at the end of March.  Put your thick winter jacket just one more time on over your cute spring dress and tights, soon enough it’s going to the back of your closet to hide and collect dust like it belongs. Flowers are blooming and trees are turning green again. It’s about that time of year where we trade in morning frost for morning dew, thick knits for loose linens, hot lattes for iced teas.  Continue reading


Grateful for the Dead

There are a lot of perks of being a musician’s daughter.  I have many memories of going to father’s shows at a young age, jumping up and down and dancing to his original songs and covers. And as a hippie, Daddy’s favorite band was the Grateful Dead, so by the time I reached kindergarten I knew the words to “Going Down the Road Feelin’ Bad” and “Not Fade Away” while my friends were making up their own lyrics to N*SYNC’s “Bye Bye Bye”.  My parents owned a stuffed animal Dancing Bear that I used to add to my menagerie when I would go to bed at night.

And by some kinda strange stroke of psychedelic luck, my father was the long lost twin of Jerry Garcia, the Dead’s frontman. Both men with wild and gray hair and beards, Daddy’s fans would refer to him as Gary Garcia. It even got confusing as his daughter: when I was ten, I noticed his Jerry Garcia doll (Why did he own that?) and yelled out,  “Daddy look it’s you!!” “Oh no Claire, that’s Jerry Garcia”. daddyjerry.jpg Continue reading



In the middle of finishing up some homework the other day, I looked up from my laptop, across my room and in the mirror. I didn’t see the usual me. A female college freshman who still lives at home looked back at me and said, “You know, when your mom was your age, she had already had dorm life and two years of college experience, took care of all her own finances, and moved to Richmond by herself.”

Maybe because she grew up in the sixties and seventies and she was a little nonconformist hipster hippie free spirit, but when you compare my momma’s early adulthood to mine, they are worlds apart despite us being 50% the same. Continue reading

Cupcakes, Family and Festival: St. Patrick’s Day

When I woke up this morning, my first though was “holy balls snow again!” but it really should’ve been “holy balls Saint Patrick’s day!” I probably shouldn’t rant again about the snow and my great desire for sun and flowers (and sunflowers), and how crazy it is to snow in Mid-March, so let’s move on to bigger and better things: Like a really good excuse for the Irish to get drunk.


Happy St Patrick’s everyone!!

Well, I concluded my spring break yesterday with St. Patty’s Day baking vanilla Lucky Charm cupcakes. And since this is part food blog, I’m going to share it with you 🙂

100_1629 Continue reading

Drivin’ to the Landmark Tonight

Every spring, each class of sixty to seventy girls and are lead in twenty-something practices after and during school by an elected leader. The leader and committees teach the girls songs and motions that talk about their unique high school experience to the tunes of popular songs. One Friday in the middle of March, the classes will compete against each other at the Mosque/Landmark/Altria stage in front of each other, their teachers, families and friends, boys from the brother school, and most importantly, the judges. Each class will hide their year with their two class colors that they chose in their freshman year. That school week was spirit week, each day to dress up in the different colors, and decorate their hall in their colors and theme; Friday was a tag day to dress up according to their theme/colors. This is Saint Gertrude High School’s Song Contest.


My class is know as the class of Silver and Blue. We placed second as sophomores and won as juniors and seniors. Here we are before our junior year performance.

Let’s be honest here, Saint Gertrude is a cult, and Song Contest is Continue reading