Mid-semester Check-up: How the Gertie in Me is Doing

This is pretty much the follow up to What Saint Gertrude Didn’t Teach Me

Even though I’ve moved on from Silver and Blue to Black and Gold, part of me (a large part, actually) is still a Gertie Girl (that will probably never change). Whether you like it or not, there’s something about Saint Gertrude that sticks with you forever. My grandma always likes to tell me about how much she loves her St. Bridget’s friends who went there many moons ago, and how there’s something about the women she loved. With a semester and a half of college/real people world conquered, I’ve assimilated somewhat. Let me give you the cold hard facts. 

For starters, boys are still a myth. I don’t scream and freak out every time I see a boy like at SGHS (maybe that happened once but I apologized), I’ve actually made a few guy friends (granted most of them are gay or Sean). Talking to cute boys is hard though. It’s like someone turns the Awkward knob in my head to maximum overdrive and I either start saying a lot of things I really wish I wasn’t or I don’t say anything at all. I try to get Sean to help me, but all he does is tell me I have to talk to boys if I want them to love me back. I know he’s right, it’s just so hard (trying to channel the young Claire who actually got a boyfriend isn’t easy either. How did that even happen again?).

All I’m asking for is for this to casually happen at the Compass one day, is that too much?

I’ve traded in Sperry’s, kilts, and embroidered school polos for Keds, ripped jeans and a plethora of free VCU shirts to create my own kind of uniform. I don’t spend thirty minutes everyday picking out clothes like the first week of school, and I experiment with different looks:  Claire has to work after class, Claire doesn’t care and is wearing her sweatshirt and leggings (yes, I have stooped that low to wear leggings as pants), Claire’s trying to be an art student again, Claire needs to be look cute because she might run into Mike Chai Tea or another boyfriend. I’ll be honest with you here: The first day of school, I asked my mom if my dress was too short and she was like “uh Claire you’re in college none of your professors will be coming after you with a ruler”. My socks almost always match now, and I have a new affinity for shorts with tights and a pretty awesome collection of fun pants.

Yes I have those pants. Yes I get Robin Thicke and Miley jokes every time I wear them

Today, Wednesday, March 5, 2014 is a very important day. Today marks the first Ash Wednesday in fourteen years that I am not going to church with the rest of my school to receive ashes. No comparing each other’s ashes in the bathroom after mass, no weird looks from the people at Martin’s after school, and no lame jokes of “hey you got something on your forehead”.

Credit to Bianca, who I stole this from

Going along with Catholicism, I haven’t really had a chance to miss the pre-lunch time prayers on the announcements (is that bad?). I spose that comes with everyone eating at different times, people have different religions or none at all, and the fact that I don’t really eat a real lunch anymore (the joys of having 11, 12, and 1 o’clock classes).

Oh my god the library transition. Cabell is like twenty gajillion times the size of Bon Air Library, so it’s like infinity times bigger than Saint Gertrude’s (we have four floors: two loud, one quiet and one silent, one Starbucks, and one amazingly gorgeous Special Collections room).And here, the librarians don’t lurk through the bookshelves and try to catch you online shopping. That’s pretty nice. Sometimes I still feel weird when I get on a computer at Cabell and go on Facebook or check out Urban sales, and I get a little paranoid that Mrs Boone or someone will appear and be like “Uh hello what are you doing and where’s the educational purposes?”

There are a lot of little things that are just hard to adjust to. Like I can’t just sit on the floor and stretch when I want to like in Mrs Gallo’s English. People give you weird looks if you take your shoes off and choose to walk around in just your socks. It’s probably not socially acceptable to wear the same dirty skirt-uh kilt- everyday for weeks on end. We can eat in class now without trying to hide it from our professors, which I can dig that a lot, but I’m paranoid my peanut butter sandwich will get to someone’s allergies. I miss not being able to ask a classroom for a tampon and have twenty thrown at me, no big deal. There are even a few personal changes, like I can say something positive about Obama and not get the death glare from everyone buy Paige and Maegan. (Yay for gay babies who want free abortions with their Obamacare!)

Okay let’s stop there before I end up on some kinda political rant. What I’m trying to say is ohmigod the Gertie in you never leaves. Hannah and I are still always looking for food (especially when it’s free), it’s been seven months and I still have no freaking clue what are boys. Even though I haven’t been out of Saint Gertrude for too long, I have a feeling a part of me is going to be that school. VCU and Saint Gertrude are so different, yet I still love and appreciate them both. I may not be in the cozy Saint Gertrude universe anymore, but it’ll always be in my heart. 

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