Happy National Crafting Month!

Fun fact: March is National Crafting Month! (It’s okay, I just found that out today too). I’m quite excited there’s a month for this, and that spring break falls in this month, so my loner plans of sitting at my sewing machine all spring breaks makes me feel a little bit better.

I’ve had a love affair with arts and crafts my whole life. My mom made sure I was surrounded with creativity when I was young, and I attribute the VMFA trips and art classes to my love of art. Even though I’m not an art major, I still like to dabble with arts and crafts to keep a creativity outlet/sanity. I don’t have much time for painting like I used to, so I mostly make clothes and jewelry. So, in honor of National Crafting Month, I thought I would share some that I’ve done with you beautiful, artsy souls.

1506428_10202319623130035_314248339_nI didn’t make a Hannah, I made a flannel shirt into a skirt! Repurposing is one of my favorite things, ya know cuz, it’s eco-friendly and I paid $6 for that shirt at Goodwill while some people pay over ten times that for clothes. Making your own skirt means it’s made for your body. (90’s grunge is coming back; guess who has two thumbs and is way too excited for Nirvana-style teen angst? This girl!) Get the DIY here.

100_1591Everyone asks me about my fork bracelet, the first real piece of jewelry I made. Silverware on my wrists makes me feel pretty hipster even though it’s not an original idea. I’m surprised I haven’t met anyone else with one at super art school (aka VCU), but then I remember all art students are too busy  arting.


This headband and hair tie make me feel really hippie, bohemian,  and other good 60’s words. The headband was simple: Take three different kinds of fabric, braid them, then sew together with elastic connecting the ends. The whimsical hair tie was stolen from Love Maegan, this really awesoome crafting blog I had a short-lived obsession with junior year.

100_1596This bracelet means the most to me. While at Dillard’s with my mom one day a couple years ago, I saw a bracelet with a key on it. I thought about buying it, but I looked at the price tag and changed my mind. I went to an antique store and Fandangle Beads, cut up some leftover fabric, fifteen dollars and two hours later, I had created a bracelet that I wear all the time.

Moral of the story: Yes, you can  make the clothing and accessories you see in stores, and it can cost you less than retail and you’ll feel good about yourself. Can’t think of any cool ideas? Hey I never can! That’s why I use the Bible, or to most people, Craft Gawker (It’s a not mainstream Pinterest that’s devoted to crafting). Crafting is too expensive? Well yes that may be 100% true, so that’s why I’ve linked coupons to Michael’s and AC Moore. Don’t say you’re not artistic. Everyone has some kind of creativity in their soul, and you just need to find it.

I hope you enjoy the many links as much as I do! Well I’m going to run to the fabric store and Goodwill, you know, art happened. Happy crafting babies and I can’t wait to see what you make.


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