Urban Farmhouse

I have a love affair with Bon Air Library. I’ve been going there my whole life, until January when it closed for six months of repairs, and sent all patrons to Midlothian Library.  A month ago, I got lost on for fifteen minutes trying to find it, but when I finally got to the shopping center, I found something absolutely delightful next to the library.


Urban Farmhouse is everything I’ve ever wanted in a café: It’s local, all natural, strives to be eco-friendly, serves local coffee, bagels and pastries, has art all over the walls and does concerts. The first time I came by they were playing Led Zeppelin and they sell chocolate covered espresso beans. It’s like someone made me into a restaurant/café. The help wanted sign even made me consider leaving Buford Road for a minute, until the worker asked if I was twenty-one. Foiled by the alcohol.


Today I had to trek down to the Midlothian Library again, so I decided to treat myself at Urban Farmhouse, and ordered the seasonal blueberry and mango smoothie. Now I’m picky about my smoothies, really only drinking Tropical Smoothie or homemade, and now I’m going to expand that list to include UF. The smoothie was nice and thick and made of real fruit, not concentrate or the other gross stuff. I kept in my car for a couple of hours while I was running errands and it didn’t really melt down into grossness like a fast food smoothie would. It kept me full for hours and I could’ve easily replaced it for lunch but when I went home there was a bunch of Chinese food so that happened.

UF Smoothie

Made with non-GMO yogurt and OJ too!

In case you’re wondering the point to this post, you should expect to see me making special trips out in Midlothian for some Chai even when Bon Air Library reopens (conveniently enough, the fabric store is super close). I know, you, my friends from NOVA who live on campus and can’t get to Midlo are upset, but don’t be! Urban Farmhouse has two other locations in the Slip and Church Hill. You can check out their website here and early spring 2014 menu here.  So in conclusion, 1/1 would Urban Farmhouse again.


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