Cupcakes, Family and Festival: St. Patrick’s Day

When I woke up this morning, my first though was “holy balls snow again!” but it really should’ve been “holy balls Saint Patrick’s day!” I probably shouldn’t rant again about the snow and my great desire for sun and flowers (and sunflowers), and how crazy it is to snow in Mid-March, so let’s move on to bigger and better things: Like a really good excuse for the Irish to get drunk.


Happy St Patrick’s everyone!!

Well, I concluded my spring break yesterday with St. Patty’s Day baking vanilla Lucky Charm cupcakes. And since this is part food blog, I’m going to share it with you 🙂


This idea melded together from what Food Gawker claims to be the best vanilla cupcake recipe and a Lucky Charm cupcake recipe.


The evolution of a cupcake: Irish themed breakfast cereal edition.

They were pretty easy, just make the batter like normal, add a cup of Lucky Charms, cook, cool, ice, add Lucky Charm marshmallows and sprinkles, and quickly hide some away before your fifteen year old brother eats them all.

I should probably feel more obliged to celebrate this holiday. Both sides of my family are Irish, especially my Grandpa Kay’s mom, Elizabeth, who came from the motherland when she was two. Elizabeth never had a middle name, so she gave herself the middle initial  “C” for Carol, making us both Elizabeth C’s. I never met her, but I feel very connected, especially with the serendipity of almost same names.

I miss the Saint Patrick’s Days from Saint Edward’s. Wearing something green, pinching the other kids who didn’t have something green on. Having food parties with lots of cupcakes and cookies with green icing and sprinkles. It was kinda like Saint Gertrude now that I think about it, but with different classwork. Man, we don’t really celebrate holidays in college. We didn’t do anything for Carnevale (Mardi Gras) in Italian, even though it was in the chapter we were studying at the time! Until my students and I can spend March 17 classes talking about the history of Ireland and the Catholic Church and having food related parties, I suppose I’ll be baking more weirdly-themed desserts for my boys (I haven’t completely forgot about those engineers, did you?).

Ugh ew gross there is snow and ice outside and it’s St Patrick’s Day so if you excuse me I think I’m going to go talk to Pope Francis and ask him where the rainbow is.  Man I can’t even do this kinda weather, but I guess it’s closer to typical Irish weather then the spring temperatures I’m dying for (Elizabeth is probably shaking her head at me).

At least I have the Church Hill Irish Festival this weekend, and the weather is supposed to be gorgeous. I’m so excited to go to my first Irish Festival since Daddy died almost five years ago, and I’ll be showing Hannah and Sean around. Daddy used to play there every year with his band, so the 2010 festival was dedicated to him. I think I’ll leave you with this video of him playing at the 2009 festival, two months before he died. I hope you enjoy his soul, music, and good vibes as much as I do.

Daddy, of course I will be your little Irish girl.


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