Ciao, Primavera!

Psst, you guys.

I know it’s dark and damp outside.

But the sun isn’t setting until at least 7:00 now.

And it wakes you up in the morning too.

You guys.

Spring is officially here!


Don’t mind the fact that the dogwood trees are covered in morning frost, or that schools were still delaying due to inclement weather at the end of March.  Put your thick winter jacket just one more time on over your cute spring dress and tights, soon enough it’s going to the back of your closet to hide and collect dust like it belongs. Flowers are blooming and trees are turning green again. It’s about that time of year where we trade in morning frost for morning dew, thick knits for loose linens, hot lattes for iced teas. 

Spring is a time of new beginnings, time to get ready for the summer and register for the fall. Time to set yourself free from the the cold weather and brace the world for the legs you just shaved for the first time since November. Time to actually think about your degree. Time to actually apply to programs, and take leadership roles in your history clubs. Time for little brothers to get his first college letter thanks to the PSAT in the same week as his learner’s permit. New things are good things. shavelegs

You can finally spend time outside in between classes again, sit outside the patio of Brandt and Rhoads with your friends getting some Vitamin D while doing your readings. Unfortunately, the Mormons will also use this fabulous weather as an excuse to try to convert you. And those crazy preachers will probably return to the Compass soon, so they can denounce homosexuality at one of the biggest gay schools again. (Please take your bigotry somewhere else) 

Ahh, with spring comes spring sports. Not playing them of course, watching the men’s teams. VCU Baseball is actually the code words for “forget engineers and art students I’ll marry one of you”. And the bubble is off of the tennis courts so I can check out the shirtless players on my way to the gym again while I wonder why I ever made fun of men’s tennis.

Baseball pants, yo

Baseball pants, yo

Soon enough I’ll be prancing around Maymont with Hannah, Alison, and whoever else in spring dresses, petting baby animals, taking pictures in the Gardens, and planning our future weddings there (at least mine).  We can go back to Hollywood Cemetery and take artsy pictures, go mural hopping around the city,  visit Belle Isle and the other parts of the river, and straight up enjoy being outside.

Sorry if I keep calling out of work!

Maybe cute boyfriend and we’ll go have picnics at the park and we can talk about how cool Church history is after he plays music and sings for me. Afterwords, we’ll cook a meal and dessert together, eat outside with candles, listen to a baseball game, cuddle together under the stars and he’ll tell me I’m pretty (A girl can dream, can’t she?)

He's also a prince

He’s also a prince

I’m beyond excited to reenter the world of short shorts, I suppose that means I’m going to have to find my razor and shave my legs, and or else show the world my pale, hairy legs. porcelainnotpale

I hope you now understand why I’ve been so excited for spring since the last day of warm fall. Spring is the rebirth and the renewal, it’s fertility and green, everything is finally alive again. Finally! I just have to get through these essays and exams first, and then you and I can go explore all that is good in this world AKA a cup of Urban Farmhouse iced coffee. Get ready for warm weather again! 🙂


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