Hey Momma

Today’s the day.

You know

The very happy birthday of my one and only dearest mother!



I don’t know how to not make this your typical sappy “happy birthday Mom” post, so instead I’ll tell you some stories.

Before my junior prom, I was extremely preoccupied with a dumb vision of having a perfect date. Momma asked friends, coworkers, anyone really, if they had teenage sons who were single, “My daughter’s looking for a prom date!” Maybe hearing stories of how my mom looked for dates for me wasn’t my favorite thing, but now that I look back, it was a really sweet thing. My mom was going out of her way to help me find a date so I could have a good prom.

Momma has hella good music tastes. One day, I asked her one day for a music recommendation for our trip to North Carolina. Hours later, we had gone through all the vinyls and CDs in our basement, and she sent me upstairs with The Who, The Beatles, The Band, Emmylou Harris, the Rolling Stones, Little Feat, and some extra Grateful Dead for good measure. Needless to say, those four hours the next day flew by.

As a former VCU student and living in Richmond since the 1970’s, my mom knows her way around the city. When we were touring the school two years ago, Momma and I hid in the back of the tour group and she gave me the Mindy tour, giving out commentary like “That’s where I took my ballet classes!” “That’s where my friends and I would hang out!” “That’s where your father towed my car” Uhh what? “He parked in a no parking zone.” Sometimes I’ll tell her I’m going to places like Village Cafe or Piccola’s Italy, and she flips out: “Oh that place is the best. I used to go eat there all the time!”

My mom has always been there for me, and I feel so lucky to have her in my life. She’s the best support system, always willing to help her kids, and cooks really good food. Momma gave me interests in art and sewing, and watches the best TV shows (Hello, Modern Family and Portlandia!). She’s introduced me into old Richmond classics like Joe’s Inn and River City Diner, and now I get to reciprocate the love with new classics like a Red Eye cookie and Belmont pizza. Happy 27th birthday Momma 😉 , I love you!



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