Irrational Fears

Does anyone else have any really strange, irrational fears?

I had a really big phobia of dogs when I was little. At the sight of any canine, I’d run away, grab my mom or dad, close my eyes and scream for a few minutes until the dog was out of sight and I was positive the dog locked in a room or crate. I applauded dog catchers (I was kind of a sadistic second grader). Walking around places like Stony Point Mall involved being on constant dog watch, and I couldn’t watch Cats and Dogs because cats were the bad guys and dogs were the god guys, which wouldn’t work in my messed up universe. People were always shocked when my parents told them about my fear, and usually said things like, “how are you scared of such a sweet dog?!” but I refused to believe them. 

I eventually got over all that at around 13, and now all I pretty much do is talk about the corgi puppy/ies Rich Husband and I will have.

I still have really weird fears now, but nothing that requires deep cries and screams Continue reading


Here It Comes

I was minding my own business a few weeks ago when I suddenly got a few mid-life crisis text messages from Sean, who was done with exams thus ending his freshman year. I told him he was okay, probably because I was bitter I wouldn’t be done until days later. It wasn’t until when I was at work on the following Sunday that I realized that in between ringing up flower arrangements and wrist splints, I wasn’t cram studying astronomy notecards and dreading having readings to do when I got home. It’s early May and I was actually done with school. What is this world?!?!

I’m done. Not just with the semester, but with my first year of college. Bye-bye freshman year, I’m an old lady sophomore now who has to take upper level classes and can’t blow through without doing her readings anymore. Even though I have four-five years left, freshman year is where I made great friends, and felt accepted in ways I haven’t before. It flew by in the blink of an eye, and I’m actually a little scared to see the next few years go by even faster. Then do you know what’s going to happen? I’m going to be a for realz teacher with a certificate and a bunch of kids are going to call me “Miss Gerloff” and I can’t wake up at 10:00 on Wednesdays and bum it to my first class at 11:00. Continue reading

Happy Birthday, Daddy

As much as I love the month of May, it’s really a struggle to get through. Along with exams and other end of the school year plans, May also brings my father’s birthday and death date, ten days apart.

But I believe in celebrating life, and the precious, glorious time I had with Daddy, never mourning him. That’s why I am choosing to write about him on his birthday, not on the fifth anniversary of his death.

Daddio was the oldest of five boys, a regular Richmond hippie growing up in the sixties. He was a theater boy at Benedictine, kicked out by headmaster Father Adrian Continue reading

RVA Summer

Even though I have  a fall birthday, I’m a summer girl. My favorite shoes are flip flops, I crave those days where it’s so hot outside you’re dripping in sweat, and I love seafood. In fact, all of my favorite childhood memories come from the summer: lazy days at Granite Pool, baseball nights at the Diamond, and helping my daddy grill dinner. As you know, Richmond is always in the midst of something fun and exciting, and summer is no exception. Belle Isle and the Byrd are always great things to do, but sometimes you need a change of scenery. Even though I can’t get you all memberships to Granite or take you out to the ballgame, I can tell you what else is going on during the summer.


  1. Saint Anthony’s Maronite Church Lebanese Food Festival is going on May 16-18. In the third grade, my teacher was performing at the festival and invited all of her students to go. My gastronomic family and I decided to go, and we’ve been loyal ever since. The food there is phenomenal, I’m a fan of the spinach and cheese pies and stuffed squash. And you simply must get the hot zalabia donuts. Trust me, the line is worth it. We normally buy about five of the zalabia packages to hoard at home. While you’re eating, enjoy the Lebanese music, and get in on the dancing! Don’t worry if it rains, that happens a lot during the festival (thanks nature gods!) and parking’s going to be bad but that’s okay because the experience and food makes everything worth it.
  2. After you’re done stuffing your face with two days worth of Lebanese food, check out Vibe Fest at Max’s Positive Vibe Cafe going on Sunday, May 18 2014 from 12-6.
    Positive Vibe Cafe is in Stratford Hills, and is probably the sweetest place in town. Garth Larsen started Positive Vibe ten years ago, training and employing those with disabilities to help get experience. Garth and his son Max, who has MD, can be often found smiling and happy around the cafe-but with a name like Positive Vibe how can you not? As a non-profit, Positive Vibe relies on patrons, volunteers, and its charity benefits including the Coach’s Cook-off between Shaka Smart of VCU and Chris Mooney of UofR, and the Vibe Fest. Come out for great food and music on this pretty Sunday for its tenth year! 
  3. From another part of the Mediterranean comes the Greek Food Festival. At Saints Constantine and Helen Orthodox Church across from Windsors Farms comes four days of baklava, dancing, music and vendors. They even have a drive threw line for those on the run! Greek Food Festival will be Thursday May 28- Monday June 2nd.

    Don’t forget to check out the vendors inside the church!

  4. For all of you with bones of red meat, The Second Annual RVA Bacon Festival will be on Sunday, June 8th. Held at the 17th Street Farmer’s Market from 11am-5pm, there’s all kinds of bacon, from sweet chocolate to savory, bacon ice cream, ribs, etc. t’s like a real life episode of Epic Meal Time. Be prepared for traffic though: Sean and I went last year and could barely walk through the crowd and had to leave after barely an hour. If you love bacon and can stand lines (and Richmond heat), then this is your kinda place. 
  5. The Richmond Vegetarian Festival is going on Saturday, June 21st from 12:00 to 6:00 pm for all you vegetarians and vegetable lovin’ omnivores at the Azalea Gardens at Bryan Park. There will be speakers on veganism, animal treatment, and a Q&A with a dietician. Food will be provided from places like DeLuca Gelato, Ginger Thai, and Grapevine (check out the vendors here!), and of course, being in Richmond, there will be music and your doggies are allowed! 
  6. Carytown Watermelon Festival will be going on the hottest, most humid Sunday during the summer. This year, it will be on August 10, being held from 10 am-6 pm. There are vendors (some of Carytown’s own stores, and some others), over 60 musical acts, summer sales, children’s activities, and a watermelon, or two…or 3,000. Restaurants often serve up watermelon dishes, and Sweet Frog brings out its watermelon yogurt! Carytown runs from Nansemond to Boulevard, only a mile long, so with 115,000 people like in 2013, it might get a tad bit crowded.

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