Bon Air Pharmacies

My father used to tell me a lot of things when I was a kid- one of them was “I want you to work in a pharmacy”.

I was about twelve or thirteen. My father and I were going to the pool, and on the way there we stopped at the CVS in Bon Air so he could pick up his medicine. I wasn’t exactly happy to do so, just craving Granite sunshine, but he made me go inside with him.

“Gary!” The pharmacist and technicians yelped when they saw us walking over and they ran over to talk to us.

“This is my daughter, Claire. She’s going to Saint Gertrude in a couple of years.” Daddy introduced me as I gave him the evil I’m-not-going-to-Saint-Gertrude eyes.

“Saint Gertrude!” The ladies working there screamed, “I went there! I love that school!” Continue reading


(#)Summer Blogging Challenge 1

Alright, I’ll be blunt here- I’m running out of things to blog about without exposing every detail of my life to the world. So I decided to do a Summer Blogging Challenge! summer1#SummerBloggingChallenge includes some girls from Her Campus Blogging Network, and kicks off June 21, the first day of summer. Every week until the official end of summer, there is a topic to blog about (Yeah I don’t see a challenge in this either but I’m down).

First topic: How are you going to spend your summer?

I’ve been hearing that question a lot (mostly from customers who don’t have anything better to do than talk to the cashier about her personal life), and its normally followed up with things like “are you working a lot this summer?” “are you taking any online classes?” “interning?”. It’s strange to think just last summer people were telling me to take it easy and enjoy my happy youth as I mumbled through two jobs, and know I’m expected to fill my plate for three months until August starts up again and I’m back in class fifteen hours a week. What happened to the days when summer break meant sleeping in to play with your Barbies all day, running around the Crazy Daisy with your neighbor, and going to the beach with your family and friends? 

It’d be pretty hypocritical of me to talk about the importance of of relaxed summer when I keep myself busy busy, but you gotta find a balance. It’s okay to work molto tempo, but don’t work so much that you ignore your friends, family, fun, and destressing time. 

So how am I going to spend my summer? Arguing with patients over their prescription copays, getting sushi with middle school friends, going to Belle Isle with high school friends. Seeing Continue reading

My Old Age

“You know what they say about Richmonders,” My mom told me one day when I was in middle school, “they don’t like change.” Well, my mom’s the only person I’ve heard say this so I’m not really sure who “they” are, but it’s definitely a true statement. Richmond (especially me) couldn’t handle losing the Richmond Braves back in 2008, and is struggling hardcore to build a new one now to keep the Flying Squirrels (Apparently we have a thing for old stadiums here. When Parker Field, the predecessor to the Diamond, was being demolished, the field itself was preserved and transferred over to the Diamond for the opening season).

Old Parker Field!

I walked into the newly renovated Bon Air Library just a couple of days ago, obviously not prepared for the right thing because I thought it would look like the exact same, but I was greeted to a new, more open layout. I felt like an old, confused lady, searching where the biographies used to be, where children’s books in Spanish are now, when all I really wanted was a copy of Harry Potter. Twenty minutes later when I went to check out, I cried to librarian about being lost like a five year old who wanders off at Target.

But the weirdest change I’ve had to adapt to hit me when I was driving around a few days ago, Continue reading

Planet Granite

To some people, their pool is a hole in their backyard.

To some people, their pool is a part of their country club.

But to me, my family, and the rest of the Planet Granite Pool community, the pool is something extraordinary


My parents have been going to Granite since way before I was born, and with the marathon long waiting list, I thank Jesús Cristo that they did. We’ve made amazing friends and connections at our private little pool, I remember when I was little and I’d wait for each school year to end so I could go back to spending all day at the pool and playing with my summer friends. 

Granite Pool, tucked away off of Forest Hill, has members from Richmond’s artists, musicians, restauranteurs, and other elites, including other hippies and hipsters (with lots of tattoos). What other Richmond pools can brag that their members include(d) Continue reading